Second Reception?

How late is too late to have a 2nd reception? Due to special circumstances of our wedding is was very small, only about 30 people and we'd like to have a second reception back home where all of our friends and family can attend, but I'm wondering how long after the wedding it gets to be too late to hold a second reception. Suggestions?

Re: Second Reception?

  • Your wedding was almost a month ago, so I think you sort of missed the boat on this.  Why not throw a casual party at your home instead?  Don't call it a reception or mention your wedding, but have a party and invite all your friends.  That would be a nice way to get to see everyone without hurting any feelings.

    Congratulations on your wedding!

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  • I'd have a party within a couple of months.  Perhaps sooner.  I'm always up for a good party!
  • We thought of having a celebration party on our one year anniversary from eloping.  We just want to throw a party with friends and to celebrate.  So that would be one year after the wedding. 
  • I guess reception wasn't really the right word. The plan was or is (if we still do it) to have an open-house style party with refreshments, wedding pictures, we'd greet everyone and talk just as a way for us to celebrate with people who weren't able to come to the wedding.
    If we do this within April or early May would that be socially acceptable? (for lack of a better term)
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