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Me and DH are attending an out of town wedding this summer for my cousin. I believe it is a sit down meal at a golf course, there is also a brunch the next day. What do yous think would be a "far" gift in regards to money? TIA

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Re: wedding gift money

  • Whatever you can afford or would like to give. There's no set answer to this. I don't buy into the "cover the cost of your plate" nonsense. Give what you can and what feels appropriate. No one here will be able to tell you what amount that is. 
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    I don't decide how much I'm spending by how "nice" the wedding is, but instead by how close I am to the person.  If money isn't really the issue and you're looking for info on what is considered "appropriate", I would check around with people your age in your geographic region.  
  • Close cousin or distant cousin? 
  • our go-to is $100; we then increase if it's a particularly close friend/relative.  We might decrease if we're not actually attending the wedding.
  • Like the 1st poster said, what you can afford to give. There is no set amount. Every person's situation is different. In FI's family, it's never about the gift, just for people to come. We'd hate for someone to battle over how much money to gift us for our wedding. 
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  • Ditto PP.  I'm assuming you don't feel the need to find out how much is "appropriate" to give for a birthday, graduation, or any other gift-giving event, you give what you can afford.  The same applies to weddings.  
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  • I know this isnt the popular answer but i was always taught, and this could be a regional/culturalitalian ny thing to at the very least cover my meal
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