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Paying for hair and makeup

 I just want to make sure I'm not doing something that could be considered rude.

I'm getting my hair and makeup professionally done at the salon (not at my wedding location) for the wedding. I don't care if my BM, MOH, mom, FMIL, etc do their own, but some of them might like get it done.

Is this something I need to pay for? If I said, "I'm making my hair appointment at 3:00 at X salon. My girl does amazing $30 blowouts. Would you like me to set an appointment for you?"  would that imply that I'm paying?

Re: Paying for hair and makeup

  • I would give them the info and prices and tell them that if they would like it done this is what it will be, but that you do not mind if they decide to do it themselves.
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  • As long as you word it that way, it would be fine. Just make sure they know how much it will cost, then if they want to they can go too.

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  • No, that does not imply that you're paying. The only time you have to pay for your WP hair and makeup is if you require them to get it done. 
  • I would let them know you are making your appointment and that they are more than welcome to use her as well, then they have the option to use her and it doesn't sound like you are offering to pay.
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  • I think you're wording is fine.  That's pretty much what I said to my ladies too.

  • Your wording is fine, but I might not offer to make the appointment for them, because you never know who might take that to mean you are paying. 

    Maybe say "Hey, I'm getting my hair & make-up done at X salon for the wedding.  If you were thinking about getting yours done as well, I can pass on the pricing and contact info to you if you'd like.  If you have other arrangements or are planning to do it yourself, we can just plan to meet at the venue at X time."
  • I think if you tell them "I'm getting my hair and make up done at X salon.  The cost is $50 for hair and $35 for make up application.  Let me know if you want me to make you an appointment at the same time as mine." no one will assume you are paying for it.

  • In Response to Re: Paying for hair and makeup:
    No, that does not imply that you're paying. The only time you have to pay for your WP hair and makeup is if you require them to get it done. 
    Posted by achiduck
    This. I made it clear to my wedding party/parents that it was not required that they have their hair/make-up professionally done. I did email a list of services to all the ladies and said "While not required, some of you have expressed interest in getting hair or make-up done with me at the salon. Attached is a list of prices. Please let me know by x-date if you want me to schedule any appointments for you". None of them expected me to pay.
  • I think if you give them the option it isn't required that you pay.  If you are telling them to show up at the time you are there, for a certain hairstyle and makeup, then it is on you.  

    Just give them the info however works best for you.
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