Missing in Action - Matron of Honor

My Matron of Honor is a close friend for the past 20+ years.  I originally had my personal attendant, Amy, as my MOH because she and I have grown really close over the past 3 years...more so than my friend of 20+ years.  However due to some personal circumstances, Amy asked to be the personal attendant instead.  Not a problem.  So I asked my friend of 20+ years.  We set a date for the shower/bachelorette back in March for this upcoming weekend.  6 weeks out.. I hear nothing... 3 weeks out.. aunts and my mother are calling wondering what the plan is for the shower... I hear nothing from the MOH.  I ask her if there's anything I need to know about the weekend.. response "Nope, nothing yet".  She goes on a 10 day vacation with her family.  Right before, my personal attendant emailed and called her to see if there's anything she needs help on or if there's anything planned.  Hears nothing.  So she and my FSIL go ahead and plan a shower for this weekend and put the MOH's name on the invite out of courtesy...

I scheduled some time on Friday to meet with the MOH for a drink to see what's going on and if she still wants to be part of the day, why didn't she reach out for help if she needed it...etc.  Any advice out there on how to handle this?

I really have tried to not let this get to me and try to stay positive bec ause this is my 2nd time around and I eloped the first time.  I want this wedding to go well.
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