Anyone here?

Hi!  Anyone else around tonight?

I made sauteed tomatoes, spinach and garlic and a piece of mahi mahi with greek seasoning over rice for dinner tonight.

I do not like the post orders being screwed up.  I think threads die too soon because of this.  It sucks!

Anyone with no plans for new years?  With H being away, I will be here with wine tomorrow night... I'm hoping to skype with H over the midnight countdown though, at least.

Re: Anyone here?

  • Hey, Loopy! I'm here for, eh, another half hour or so. Your dinner sounds AWESOME.

    I'm driving down to Athens for New Years, then leaving at 2am to drive home so I can be in bed by 5 to get up for work on Sunday, heh.
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    I'm here, playing around on Pinterest and looking at jobs in the area for my degree area. How soon before completing my internship do you think I should start applying for jobs? The internship is 500 hours, so realistically will be over at the end of April/beginning of May...

    ETA: We had fiesta chicken nachos for dinner. They were delicious. For New Years, we're just planning on staying in. We went to Trader Joe's and loaded up on Two Buck Chuck, sparkling Moscato, and stuff for shrimp cocktail. We're wild I tell ya.

  • I'm around! Your dinner sounds great (: I had red beans and rice made by FMIL- nice and spicy. FI and I spend tomorrow flying back to B'more because it's too expensive to do it the 1st or 2nd. My parents don't do much for New Years, so we'll probably just hang out with them and watch the ball drop.
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  • I'd start applying now.  If you get to an interview stage you tell them your availability is after May.  Best case scenario it'll probably take a month to get through an interview process and most companies will be expecting you to have to give a standard 2 week notice so they'll factor that in.  So the latest I'd start would be mid March.  If you get someone who loves you earlier, they'll wait for you to be available.

  • Loopy's timeline sounds about right. When you send in resumes you can always put an end date on your internship, so prospective employers know when you'll be available. Something like Dec 2011 - May 2012 (Projected), maybe? (Guessing on start date).

    Also, are post orders still screwed up? I hadn't noticed in a few days and I just assumed they were okay. Either that or I'm so used to it that I don't notice anymore.
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  • I'm here. We're over at a friends house watching UFC. I hate UFC but I guess FI kinda made plans with them and when she texted me to see if we were coming I said no and then I felt bad so were here even though FI and I had plans to be lazy on the couch. That was a really long sentence.
  • Good point Loopy. And mini-squee/heart attack moment...H is seriously wanting us to consider buying the house that I posted the other night. It would be a major project house, but has the potential to turn into something amazing. He drove us by it twice today...

  • Lisa - the post order in the posts is fine now (*crosses fingers*) but the thread order on the main page will not resort into the order of the most recently posted in.  They stay in the order of the first post.  

  • That IS exciting Jill.  I hope it works for you.

  • I am here! We are at dinner with H's best friend and his GF. I am sleepy.
  • Thanks. I'm trying to be cautious about it, since I don't have the opportunity to work until at least April. It would truthfully be smarter to wait, but if we were to do that, we would have to sign another lease on the apartment and would be stuck paying rent for at least another 6 months. At least this way we can either get the ball rolling on something or have someone tell us that we're dreaming and need to wait.

  • Oooh I see Loopy, I didn't even know that was an option.

    And that's exciting, Jill! What kinds of projects need to be done in the house?
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  • Would you HAVE to sign another lease?  My leases renting rolled to month-to-month after the initial contract if we didn't resign.

  • I can't wait to buy a house. Yard is most important to me :)
  • Lisa, it's an old, gigantic house. It looks like it's livable, but it would need lots of updates. Before we went any further on it, it would need an inspection to check out the wiring, etc. H would want to switch out the radiators and install either geothermal heating/cooling or central heating/air, so that would be the first really major project:

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    We signed a 6 month lease here to try it out, and since this is a smaller company, and the apartment is in a pretty sought-out area, I don't think month to month is an option Undecided

  • Oh my god Jill. I LOVE it.... It's beautiful.
  • Holy crow Jill, that looks amazing! Good luck =D
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  • Thanks! Like I said, it would definitely be a long-term project, but I think it could be fun

  • Jill, that house is gorgeous! Probably an insane amount of work and money will have to go into it, but such amazing potential!
  • Graveyard shift, I'm on until 7 am in CA. So far, I've had tortilla chips, string cheese and apple slices. I can't wait until I'm on my days off so I can cook.
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    Chiqa that's a long grave shift. 11 hours?
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    Anyone here?

    We  have OOT friends with their puppy staying with us over the weekend. So that means there is a puppy in each room barking and I'm in the middle.  Everyone else went to dinner, but it was too late for me.  I should have gone, these dogs expressing their dominance is annoying.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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