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Do I address this??

So, our wedding was Saturday and it went off without a single problem. But here's the thing: a friend of mine called me in the middle of the day to tell me that he was "sick" and being sent home from work early and he and his wife couldn't make it.

Normally not a problem, but here's what I found out: he did the SAME thing for another mutual friend's wedding about a month ago, AND he wasn't sick. He had to work another job and lied about it.

If he'd been straight with me from the get go, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but being lied to SUCKS. Do I bring it up the next time I talk to him?

What do you think?

Re: Do I address this??

  • I would not say anything. Yeah it is shiiity but what if you are wrong? Also, what is it really going to solve now? Yeah they are bad friends and they obviously know that. oh well.
  • What would it accomplish?

    Get over it.  You don't even know that he lied...he really could have been sick.
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  • I'd let it go and probably not ever invite him to a dinner party.
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  • I'd let it go, unless you want to end the friendship.  Calling him out isn't going to change anything, especially if he is the sort of person who would habitually do something like that.
  • PS: congratulations!  Glad you had a great day :o)
  • Let it go.  And then let the friendship go if it still bothers you.
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  • Like the others, I'd let it go. I'd ask him if he was feeling better in front of his wife next time you're with them. I'd also question myself about how good a friend he really is if that's how he behaves... but ultimately, I'd let it go. As others have said, who knows if he was really ill or not. 
  • I would let it go, especially if you think it was for a job.  For all you know, they're really struggling and needed the money.  Either way, it sounds like he just wanted to spare your feelings and say he was sick rather than that he had to work.
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  • Exactly, if it's not going to change anything, which it won't, I would just leave it be.
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    Let it go.  Is there really a difference between working and being sick?  Either one is a good excuse why they can't make it.  Besides for all you know he really was sick.

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