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We're getting married on a holiday weekend (labor day next year) with many out of town guests.  Many of the hotels that we've looked into for getting block of rooms have mentioned that they usually sell out that weekend and that if guests choose not to participate in the block they will not have any rooms available to accomadate them.  FI and I would like to include hotel info on the STD as well as a gentle reminder that this is a holiday and book your hotel.  What is the most effective and poliet way to convey this information? 

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Re: Save the Date and hotel information

  • If I were you, I would reserve a block of rooms at a couple of area hotels, and include a small card with the STD that said something like: "Blocks of rooms are available at X-hotel(s) until X-date" and leave it at that (our hotel, for example, would only keep the block open for 40 days from the time we reserved the rooms.)

    Your guests are adults who should be aware that hotels book up quickly during holidays. If they choose to take advantage of the block(s), lovely. If not, they can find their own accommodations at a later time.
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  • What twilight said is great. People definitely need to be aware that they have to book by X date to get a blocked room.

  • I have a possible Packer schedule conflict so on our STD - I put "VERY important information on our website regarding hotels - please visit XXXXXXX" and the on the website i have all the hotel information....
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  • Libbylo - can I ask when you were planning on sending your STDs?

    I am getting married the same weekend as you, and I was debating sending them the end of December this year - mostly because they have these stamps at the post office that I like, but they are only 44 cents, and wont be enough postage as of January.
  • I'm planning on sending them before Thanksgiving.  I'm afraid that if I send them in Dec they'll get lost in holiday cards and if I wait until Feb it'll be to late.  The only reason I'm considering sending them this early is because of the holiday weeked.  My dad's friend was already grumbling about having to change his plans for NEXT year. 
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