I think this is going to hurt

My out of town daughter and her army fiance's wedding has been scheduled for this May for a year now. He "promised" me that he would have no chance of being deployed then as he was putting in his OCS packet/application as soon as he finished his bachelor's last August. That packet would keep him grounded for at least six months. If he didn't finish his bachelor's in August, then he could finish it in December.

Guess what? He didn't finish in August. With short term deployments, he didn't finish in December. He has now expected to finish that last class and put in the packet in May.

Guess who just got word of his deployment for the Monday after the Saturday of the wedding? Two days later! That means he will not be able to submit his marriage papers until he gets back from a one year deployment.

They are thinking of getting married during the week before the planned wedding date, submit the paperwork, and then come here for the PPD. What do you think?

Re: I think this is going to hurt

  • He should be able to get a Power of Attorney for her to be able to register herself in DEERS once all the paperwork comes in.

    My fiance and I were planning on doing a marriage through a company in Montana where neither of us were present. The courthouse he went through for his divorce couldn't find his divorce decree to make a copy for him until the week of his deployment and refused to do overnight mail. He was able to get a POA for me for DEERS to register or update his dependents bc of that and we have a daughter together as well.

    Granted after talking about it all we decided to wait til after he gets back.
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