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New Jersey

Bridal party entrance song? chicken for menu? printed programs?

Tomorrow we are picking our menu and was wondering which chicken did/will you pick for the sit down dinner. I definitely do not want something dry. Our second option in salmon.

Also, which song did/will you pick for your bridal party entrance, your parents and your entrance? Or just one song? What about for the garter and bouquet toss?

Where did you print your programs? how long did it take to process?

As always, thanks ladies for all the help! Much appreciated!

Re: Bridal party entrance song? chicken for menu? printed programs?

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    Parents entrance - "Where You Lead" ~ Gilmore Girls theme by Carole King
    BP entrance - "Happy Together" ~ Simple Plan
    Our entrance - "Ain't No Other Man" ~ Christina Aguilera
    Bouquet Toss - We haven't decided yet, but definitely not "All The Singles Ladies" wayyyyyy to over done. (IMO)
    Garter Toss - Not sure yet either

    For our chicken dish, I believe it's an herb roasted chicken?! I've heard many good things about it.

    Programs I don't think we're doing.
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    We're going with the Herb Roasted Chicken at Berkeley Plaza.  It was either that or chicken francaise. 

    We are 40 days out (eeek!) and we haven't picked any of our songs!  We need to get crackin'... DF could really care less..LOL..he just wants to be married and start our life together. 

    We're getting our programs from Vista Print.  It's where we got all our stuff from.
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  • uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    What are your choices for chicken?  That would help us.  Honestly, reception hall chicken is usually dry and bad no matter what, so I'd probably go for something simple so those who want chicken but don't like the usually eh sauces and such that halls use to cover dryness are covered.  Herb-roasted sounds great to me :)

    We all walked in to Rock the Casbah -- couldn't come up with anything we liked better.  We wanted our entrance to be as quick and simple as possible (we didn't have names called out or anything) so one song worked for us.   

    We had our programs printed by the person who did our invitations.  They were letterpressed which requires ordering a plate and such, so they had about a month of lead time.
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    Chicken - We are still deciding on our menu. We won't have those selections done until November. I like simplicity when it comes to food. I don't need anything over the top fancy. Herb roasted sounds good. 

    Songs - 
    Parents Song - Love Train by the O'Jays
    BP Entrance - The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson
    Our Entrance - I Believe in a Thing Called Love by the Darkness
    We are not doing a garter toss. Still deciding between a boquet toss or an anniversary dance. So don't know the song yet.

    Where did you print your programs? I am actually going to be making my own programs and menu cards. Hopefully it won't take that long but still have yet to do them.
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    We had chicken francaise.
    bridal party entrance- Enter Sandman
    parents- The Rising
    our entrance- It Takes two
    garter- Monday Night football theme 
    bouquet toss- Sex and the City (show, not movie) theme

    Where did you print your programs? how long did it take to process? We had DIY ones from Michael's. The formatting took forever, but once that was figured out with the printer it went fairly quickly. DH assembled them so I don't know how long that took (he did it as a surprise for me)

  • leah2bleah2b member
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    Chicken Francaise sounds good to me! 
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    Thanks so much ladies!

    Here are the choices but they said they can accomodate any chicken dish that we want!

    chicken milanese sago fresco: lighlty breaded chicken with sun dried tomato and pesto

    chicken francaise

    chicken marsala or chicken with mushroom cream sauce

    orange chicken (with bone)
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    Our chicken dish is going to be chicken in marsala wine jus (which, I'm assuming, is just a glorified chicken marsala, haha).  The chicken milanese sago fresco you listed sounds delicious (but I wouldn't be able to have it because I'm allergic to tomatoes).

    Our entire wedding party (including our parents and us) is entering to the same song because we don't like how choppy it sounds with the music starting and stopping whenever a new "group" enters.  Instead, our DJ will just lower the volume a little bit (still audible, though) when he talks.  Everyone will be entering to Billy Idol's "White Wedding."

    Garter removal - "Born to be Wild"
    Garter toss - "Rocky Theme Song"
    *We may just use one song for both*

    Bouquet toss - "Single Ladies" even though I know it's overdone

    By the way, who did you wind up using as your DJ?
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    In Response to Re: Bridal party entrance song? chicken for menu? printed programs?:
    chicken milanese sago fresco: lighlty breaded chicken with sun dried tomato and pesto chicken
    Posted by carlaspeed
    Yum! I like that choice.

    and I wouldn't go with anything on the bone.

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    thanks so much!

    3 dj, Bob is great and italian, I've seen him at couple weddings and he gets the whole crowd going, altough we prob don't need that much since my family actually both families are party animals!!!!!!!!!!!!
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     Yum! I like that choice. and I wouldn't go with anything on the bone.
    Posted by akmackay[/QUOTE]

     agree with this!
  • chrissy31805chrissy31805 member
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    Parents entrance - "twist and shout " the beatles
    BP entrance - ""it takes 2" rob base
    Our entrance - "come on feel the noize" quiet riot
    Bouquet Toss - "maneater" nelly furtado
    Garter Toss - taking the garter off was "lets get rocked" by def leoppard. the garter toss song was 'dont wanna be a playa no more" biggie

    our chicken dish was chicken franciese. we went with it because it was the most normal entree... our other entrees were stuffed pork, talapia, eggplant lasagna, and prime rib. im a very picky eater so i went with that, thinking that even the pickiest eater could each chicken franciese

    we bought program templates from michaels. they have a website you can go to and it downloads the template right into word
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