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Cute rain pics.... all of us that worry the rain will never stop for our special days.  I am convinced its going to rain on mine. 

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    Thanks for posting those pictures as a April bride everyone asks me about rain and I just try not to think about it too much. I know they say "its good luck if it rains on your wedding" I'm pretty sure they just say that to stop the bride from crying! But even more then that I was so excited to see those pictures because I know the bride! When Lauren (the featured bride) was in high school she was in the same summer theatre group that I participated in as a student! By the time she got there I was in a more adult role. There were quite a few familiar faces in that group shot!
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    Mrs Rickels, I half hope it rains on our wedding weekend bc it's going to be SOOO hot in August. And I love the umbrella look.
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    It rained the morning/early afternoon before the wedding, I HATE rain but a few days earlier, I got umbrellas pretty cheaply from & some pics came out amazing with them! I wish I had the ones of DH & I to post but here are a couple; forgive the size...
    A Yankee Fan & A Red Sox Fan...
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