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Hi!  I live in NY and we are looking for a nice NJ beach to visit, something as close to NY as possible.  We usually surf Long Beach LI but the lifeguards are a little nutty and have been stopping us lately, even from swimming if the water has low waves.  I am looking for something quiet and with good waves if possible.  I looked on a few beach sites but figured I would ask here since you're an active board.  TIA! 

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    my family has a house in avon by the sea. it's a nice town and there are normally a few surfers out there...but there are even more surfers in the next town over, belmar.
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    Sandy Hook might be a good location for you to try
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    I like manasquan & Island Beach State Park. If you have an 4 wheel drive truck, you can drive on the beach at State Park.
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    In Jersey you can only surf at the surf beaches and they're usually packed especially if they're are waves. If FI can go early he'll go before the lifeguards go on duty and can surf anywhere he wants (usually checks magicseaweed). You also don't have to pay to get onto the beach if you go that early. Personally I would not recommend Belmar beach it's always super crowded. I prefer Spring Lake which is right next door or Bradley Beach.
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    * there are waves
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    There really are not great surfing beaches in Monmouth county because of the absense of a sand bar.......most of the time all you get is shore breaks. My vote is seaside park
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    Thanks for the help, ladies.  We went to Avon and we got there as early as possible, parking was still crazy.  We started at the surf side of the beach and then went to swim side.  The waves were really great, probably because of the crappy weather the other day.  Seabass, if we saw your post before we left, I would have had him drive by.  Seaside, Belmar, are really NMS.  Some local surfers mentioned Manasquan and Bradley.  My only bad moment was when my board was sucked from under me, wiped out, and then got caught in two massive simultaneous waves, my throat still hurts from the salt water.  We'll be back and try your recs, they are so close and we are planning on really early.  Thanks! 
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