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New Jersey

Maitre`d tip if charged a fee

Hi everyone,

My venue charges a 4% maitre'd fee. How much would you recommend tipping on top of that? The 20% gratuity is separatly charged so this is a fee, not gratuity.


Re: Maitre`d tip if charged a fee

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    I think a lot of it depends on how good or bad a job he/she does in the days leading up to the wedding and the wedding day itself.
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    So far he has been great. I was going to do $500 to $600.
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    My FI is like since the tip is included in the fee for the event he doesn't want to give anything extra. I'm having a losing battle with him & this. I've told him time & time again that a tip for his services for the day depends on how/what he does on the day but still the FI doesn't want to tip him anything extra, lol.
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    Ours was included. it was a matire d fee and then another 20% for the staff. He didnt get anything else.
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    ours is a $500 fee then 20% for the staff too..idk what we are doing!
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    I try and tip accordingly when the effort is noticed. I'm already paying 20% gartuity for the staff plus 4% fee for the maitre'd. Because this is considered a "fee" for the maitre'd and not "gratuity," I feel that the proper etiquitte is to include a separate tip for him. I always felt that the 20% goes to the bartenders and servers only. Am I wrong thinking this?
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    The best thing you could do is ask your venue.  I would assume that weather it say fee or gratutity that you would not have to give extra. In my case it was a flat fee for the Matire d.  $1500 which I was told covered him. 
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    Wow.  This is good to know.  What I don't understand is why the venue doesn't just include the "fee" in the cost?

    If I were running a venue, I'd charge $200 per plate (just picked a random number) which includes tips and fees.  You just have to pay per person, plus tax.

    As a consumer, I don't want to look at a quote or bill and feel like I'm being nickel and dimed and charged a "fee" for everything.
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