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Hair and Makeup near Bergen County, NJ

Hi all,

Hair and make up is one of the next big things on my list and I'm sort of freaking out about it because I have NO idea where to even start. I'd like someone who's affordable. I can go to them or they can come to me (the only issue going to them is that it's a sunday and I know some salons are closed on Sundays). It's possible 8 of us will need to be getting done up (six bridesmaids, my mother and myself) so I kind of need a team or group.

Any suggestions would be SUPER appreciated.

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Re: Hair and Makeup near Bergen County, NJ

  • Have your asked your stylist for suggestions?  Some salons are be closed on Sundays, but may be willing to take on a large bridal party.  You may also want to start going to a stylist in the area near where you are getting married so that you can establish a relationship.  Some stylists are hesitant to do bridal hair for non-clients.  For instance, I know that my stylist will not do bridal hair for someone who isn't already an established client.   

    There are lots of stylist teams that will come to you in the North Jersey area.  I've never used this them, but know of someone who swears by the stylists at the Pink Comb Salon in Nutley ( for social events.  Michelle, the owner, also has mobile bridal hair & make-up business (

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    I used Maria of M.S.Looks and was really pleased. You can see more pics in my bio. This is her website:
  • I used Jillyan Scarpa the owner of La Sorella Bridal for makeup.  She traveled to my house and her prices are VERY reasonable.  I am not sure if her prices have changed, but they didn't even charge me a travel fee and she traveled almost a hour to get to me.  Jillyan also has someone who she works with that does hair.  A friend of mine used her and was very happy.  For hair I used Mandy Liento the owner of La Sorella Bridal.  She does amazing work!  Good luck!
  • Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely email those.

    @Silver - unfortunately, my stylist back home doesn't do weddings on Sundays. My sister tried to work with her for her Sunday wedding and she just doesn't do it. Hence my need to try to find someone new.
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  • I went to Blu Salon in edgewater - they are open on sundays and came in early.  they had 3 stylist there for us and we were done by noon.
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