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Did you feed band?

We met with 2 bands. One said they don't take any breaks and you don't have to provide dinner for them. The one we liked more takes short breaks, and said providing dinner isn't required but it's usually done. For a 9 person band that adds a lot to the cost, but we don't want the band to be annoyed since they'll have to play for the rest of the reception! Thoughts?

Re: Did you feed band?

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    Oops, I didn't ask ANY of my vendors this question...
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    We asked our band and they told us we didn't need to feed them.  We only provided dinner for our cinematographer and photographer.  If it's not required don't go crazy.  Maybe you can have the venue provide a plate of hors d'oeuvres.
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    I have to double-check our contract, but I'm pretty sure we're required to feed our band.  Our venue offers discounted plates to the band and our other vendors.  Our wedding is at night, and I don't expect our band to play for 5 hours without taking a break or eating.  I've been to a ton of weddings with bands and I've never seen one play non-stop the entire time.  Personally, it sounds desperate and trying too hard for your business.  Go with the one you like best because you should be picking your band based on their talent, style and song selection and NOT whether or not you feed them dinner.  
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  • sgdc2011sgdc2011 member
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    It was in the contract to feed all of my vendors.  If they are going to be there for a 5 hour reception, don't forget the time they get there to set up and break down.  that could be an additional hour or 2.  If it's during a meal time, you should feed them in some way.  I know my venue offered discounted meals as well.  However, if they do not require meals, and your cocktail is plentiful, I have heard of vendors eating during the cocktail hour so they would not recieve a meal.
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    I am surprised they are not requring a meal.  I think one 15 min break is reasonable, and most bands stagger the breaks so there is always music playing.  I think it's important to feed your vendors, it's a long day, esp for musicians.
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    We're required to feed our band; they're only 6 pieces, though.
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    Our band and MC didn't take meals (we offered them ahead of time, but they said don't waste our money).  Our photographer originally said he was fine without a meal (he'd just eat at the cocktail hour) but we insisted he have a full meal since he was working for so long that day (and due to no-shows we had extra meals we paid for).
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    We fed our band - I can't imagine not feeding them when they are working and performing that many hours in a row (in our case it was six hours...I wouldn't be happy if I had to work for six hours without getting to eat). There was also 9 of them I believe. The only time they took a break was during the main entree, which is when they also ate, and it wasn't a time when people were dancing anyway. It worked out perfectly.
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  • abungerabunger member
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    I think it's best to plan for their meals, even if they decline.. my dad has an ethnic band and will occasionally play at weddings (protective daughter alert).  They play for a long time, plus think about the time for set-up/tear-down and travel - that's a long time to go without eating.  It's not like they expect filet mignon, but it's kind to offer something.  Most venues have vendor meals at a lower price.  Treat your vendors as you would want to be treated and they will take care of you :)
  • NJhousewife22NJhousewife22 member
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    We fed the band (our venue had a "vendor" option that was less expensive than the other options). There were 6 (I think) members in our band and they just took turns taking breaks so there was no lull in the evening. I definitely think it's a nice thing to do if you can swing it.
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    We met with an 18 piece band and they required a meal for each member and a break where they would just stagger it to avoid interuptions. Most bands do require a meal. We're feeding all of our vendors. Much too long of a day for them not to eat.
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  • cindyn9178cindyn9178 member
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    Whether they require it in the contract or not, if someone is going to be working my wedding for 5 hours plus setup time, I am going to feed them.

  • shoebieshoebie member
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    We are feeding all of our vendors. Vendor meals are half price at our venue

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