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Has anyone ever been to an event or looked at Addison Park in Aberdeen?  Anyone know their price range or any positive or negative feedback?Tia!

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    We are getting married there in October 2010. The place is absolutely breathtaking. Thus far, they have been very accomodating and prompt with returning phone calls, answering questions and recommending vendors. We are very enthusiastic about our wedding!!! We heard about the place via word of mouth (i.e friends of friends who were married there) and can't speak highly enough about the venue and the staff. Not to mention, we've also heard great things about the sister venue in Staten Island. When we received our price quotes a few months back, prices for fall (Sept/ Oct 2010) ran from $170-205/pp (that includes taxes, gratiuties, etc). That also includes basic centerpiece and your cake. Viennese hr adds another $15/pp (it's a desert extravaganza). That includes about 15 passed hors d'oeuvres, 15 or so stations, salad, soup, intermezzo, entrees (5 to choose from at tableside), cake and some other basic desert. Prices drop into Nov/ Dec and drop even further if you move into Jan/Feb/Mar. Saturday afternoon weddings are the most cost effective. Friday evenings and Sunday weddings run about the same and are a bit more and then Saturday evening weddings are the most expensive.
  • Price Update: Addison Park and Venetian

    Addison Park: Went to visit The Addison Park and The Venetian today 01/11/14. For a January-February 2015 wedding, the cost of the highest apackage at The Addison was $180pp with cocktail hour, Vianese hour... includes all taxes, gratuity, linens, valet parking, coat check, wedding cake etc. The only other possible "add on" option was for an additional Vianese table with assorted cookies and ice cream and such for an additional $12pp but I didn't feel it was necessary with all they provide in the Vianese hour itself.

    The Venetian: Following Addison Park, my fiancé and I went to visit The Venetian. January - February 2015 wedding in the Palazzo room (they're biggest room) is $185pp including cocktail hour, Vianese hour, two ice sculptures, taxes, gratuity, valet, wedding cake, linens, coat check etc. They are willing to even throw in mini Burgers and fries at Vianese hour for those who burned off all their dinner dancing and want a little meal... The only additional add on would be for am additional Seafood bar at the cocktail hour for $15 extra per person however, with all the seafood they provide in the cocktail hour, I didn't feel it was necessary and chair covers are an extra $3-5 per chair however I would ask them to include it in their price prior to booking. The normal minimum guarentee for guests in the Palazzo room is 275 however they reduced the minimum to 225.

    The comparison:

    I loved the Addison when I walked in. Beautiful white walls, marble floors and stairs.. Stunning. However, the reception room just didn't do it for me. Very bland and boring. I like the glitz and glamour and the Addison is not Glitz and Glamour. Nevertheless, I've heard very bad reviews on the Addison's food. My fiancé is Italian, his parents and all relatives born and raised in Italy.. Italians are big food critics.. I was advised by quite a few people, including two big DJ companies that the food will be very disappointing.
    The Venetian however blew me away! I walked into the Palazzo room and immediately envisioned my wedding! WOW! Don't know how else I could describe but WOW! I've heard amazing things about the food and the atmosphere and decor, just breath taking!!!! You would have to see it in person to understand that feeling.. That feeling of walking in and saying, "THIS IS IT!!!" Just WOW!

    Hope this information has helped. I still have two more venues to look at tomorrow but those will be in Long Island. We intend to make our decision after that.

    Congrats and good luck to others on their venue search!
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