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Flower ideas for wedding colors navy blue and silver?

Hi everyone, we're getting married in August 2010, and our wedding colors will be navy blue and silver.  Are there any flowers out there that would match this theme?  I'd rather not go the painted-flower route if I can help it.  Looking for something sophisticated/classy/simple and slightly out-of-the-ordinary.  Any ideas would be great!!

Re: Flower ideas for wedding colors navy blue and silver?

  • I had the same problem. I decided to use white flowers (calla lillies) with smaller navy blue flowers as accents. I'm making my own bouquets using artificial flowers. The only place I found navy flowers was in the bridal section of Michaels.
  • These are my colors, too!  There are, of course, flowers that can be dyed to be navy blue, but I thought they looked almost black and kind of goth like, so I didn't really like them.  I did find some pretty light blue flowers, but in the end I decided to make bright green my accent color, so I am doing bright green hydrangeas with white rose of sharons for the BMs and then calla lilies that are a bit premature so slightly green and white with white hydrangeas and white rose of sharons for me.
  • We had a navy blue wedding.  The flowers were one of the hardest things to figure out what I wanted.  I ended up going with orange roses along with roses that were cream colored and then had pink around the edges.  The boutonniers were orange roses. 
  • We wanted navy and silver and ended up with navy, pink and silver to solve the flower question.  PIB.
  • Navy is pretty much a neutral color, so you can go anywhere with it.  Since it's August, I'd go with oranges, pinks and yellows - "sunny" colors.
  • Almost any color flower will go with navy (except unnatural dyed shades), so it's really about your favorite colors. A vibrant red would be nice and vibrant, or all white is simple, elegant, and timeless. Pretty much any pastel, like pink, peach, yellow, lavender or light green would look nice. Or go with something colorful and vibrant. Like jewel tones of red, orange, yellow/gold, orange, purple, etc... Except those can also seem too "Fall" colored. You can pick one and add white. In August, I start to think of summery colors like yellow and white, or of sunflowers, Personally, I love crisp navy and white, with an accent of either hot pink or lime green, or both.
  • Wow thanks for all the advice!  It's good to know that others had the same dilemma I do and found a solution.  I'll probably end up going with mostly white flowers.  That should contrast nicely with the bridesmaids' navy blue dresses.  :)
  • Navy was one of my wedding colors too and I went with blue and white hydrangeas for my bouquet and stephanotis (sp?) for the bouts. My bridesmaids had green hydrangea bouquets. Pics are in my married bio.
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  • White roses with blue and silver ribbons around it would look pretty.
  • Those are my colors too, but we are also doing a wine theme, so the flowers are going to pull the deep wine color into the cermony. Right now I think my flowers will be deep red with white and blue accent flowers, the BMs will be the opposite mostly white with deep red and blue accents
  • Navy was our main color so we went more with white (PIB).  Our other color was a purple "thistle" but that went more with the theme than the color.
  • Navy and fuschia is a hot color combo so - bright pink flowers might add a really lovely pop to your ceremony! If you prefer something more understated, I think some blue hydrangeas would go great - hydrangeas will also helo cut costs since a little goes a long way!
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