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sending STDs - what would you do?

OK so Ive had my STDs ready for 2 months and have been wanting to send them out asap since we have a lot of people from out of town and a ton of people who will be staying at the hotel. We have asked my FILs for addresses for 2 months and they still have yet to give them to me. So my FI and I have decided to send them to all our friends and my side of the family. We will send them to his side whenever they get around to giving us the addresses since I am sick of waiting and dont want to delay anyone else. I should also mention most of FI family from out of state is unlikely to come to the wedding and he doesnt know them. Is it wrong to send out the STDs in two installments?

Re: sending STDs - what would you do?

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    No its not wrong! Thats what we did until we had all our addresses together from both sides :) I would send them out soon though you dont have too too much time left! We sent ours out 11 months in advance
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    no its not wrong at all.. my fi mother just gave me a bunch more addresses to send std's to and the wedding is in 4 months i sent out std's 10 months ago.. driving me nuts!!
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    It's not wrong at all. Send out the STD's that you have ready to go, then when she gives you the addresses send out the other batch. It's not your fault she's taking so long with the addresses.
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    send them out... the other side won't know you sent them at a different time anyway unless they know each other.
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    thanks so much thats what I figured and honestly, if they dont give us the addresses, it saves us money. Id feel bad if my FI really wanted these people there, but since neither of us knows most of these people, we arent too worried about it. Thanks!
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    also if people own houses you can look on tax maps for their address you just put the town and the persons last name.. this saved me and fi alot of phone calls.. i have the link for NJ im sure you could find it for other states
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    Thank you- my problem w/ Fis family is I dont even know their last names! I should be happy at least we were able to get an estimate guest count. I was going to bring it up to them again, but we have asked 3 times and I dont feel like being annoying about it. Oh well, they get them they get them, if not its one less thing to worry about and pay for haha
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    At least you have a headcount....I still don't even have that! lol
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