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New Jersey

Tipping and travel fees

If a vendor charges you a travel fee, such as a hair or makeup person, how do you take that into account when tipping them?  Most of them own their own business and all the money is going to them as it is.  Just want to know how to account for these things.  Thanks for the input!
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Re: Tipping and travel fees

  • GolfChick78GolfChick78 member
    edited December 2011
    In my view, travel fees are a charge for their extra time owing to your location and the amount of travel you're asking them to take on.  Travel payments shouldn't dilute a tip. 

    That said, people have different views as to whether or not to tip professionals when they also own the busienss; it's a personal choice.
  • edited December 2011
    Personally, I always tip regardless of ownership. I worked in the restaurant business in the past and I worked my tail off. I took pride in my performance and I appreciated when I was tipped properly. If you feel they made the same effort, then you should tip them accordingly.
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