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Affordable Venues in Northern NJ!!

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me out a bit? So I just started my venue search this past weekend and it already seems so overwhelming!! We're trying to stay in budget but seems so hard. Our budget is $20,000-$25,000 for the entire wedding with 150 estimated guests. I'm hoping for a Aug 2012 wedding but not sure if that will be possible. If anyone has any venue suggestion that might fit my budget, i would gladly appreciate it. 

I dont mind a Sunday evening!

Re: Affordable Venues in Northern NJ!!

  • Denise91980Denise91980 member
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    Try the Tides, The Manor, Ravello's, Mayfair Farms, Channel Club
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    I would check with the Grand Marquis, they were willing to work with our budget and i highly recommend them
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  • GolfChick78GolfChick78 member
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    What area of NJ?  And how modest a place are you willing to consider?  Out by me in Sussex County or even western Morris, there are a few choices.  I think the nicest of the more modest options is Farmstead GC in Andover.  Then there are other more traditional venues that are nice but not especially elegant or impressive.  The Arlington, for instance.
  • HobokensFuryHobokensFury member
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    The Graycliff in Moohachie.
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  • shoebieshoebie member
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    The arlington in mt arlington nj is very pretty for a huge buffet dinner n open ber for 100 ppl is 8grand

  • GiaspoGiaspo member
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    Highlawn Pavillion... very flexible on price, great view, lots of food.  They were very nice too!
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    Perona Farms in Andover, I got a really good deal for a sunday afternoon wedding!
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  • michelle221michelle221 member
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    Seasons in Wahington Township is within your budget, and they excel in food and service. The place is beautiful too. Ask for Carl.
  • Danes983Danes983 member
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    The Brownstone will be in your budget for sure. Food is amazing!  Service is impeccable the day of.
  • mbcdefgmbcdefg member
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    Ditto for The Tides Estate.

    Also try Costa Del Sol in Union, The Reception Center at Saint Clement in Matawan, Gran Centurions in Clark, and a few places in West Orange (The Manor, Mayfair Farms and The Atrium).

    My reception was at The Tides Estate on a Saturday night in April 2010, and we hosted 120 guests (invited about 170) and our overall budget for our wedding was the same as yours. Things that helped us - simple flowers, small bridal party, simple invitations, and we skipped a lot of little things that wouldn't be used again and wouldn't really be noticed by our guests (aisle runner, garter, toasting flutes and cake cutting set were gifts, wore shoes I already owned and simple jewelry from eBay and Macy's). If you want a more specific budget breakdown, let me know and I can e-mail you some ideas.
  • maddie7maddie7 member
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    Here's one: or

    Both are way under $100 pp- I believe La Affaire was $65pp
  • goaliegirlgoaliegirl member
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    for 150 guests you are going to need to find a place that is quite a bit below $100 a head for your reception with your overall budget.       Some of the places that are listed are great venues but I think you would be hard pressed to get them down that much for a summer wedding, even on a Sunday.    Have you thought about doing an offseason wedding which would greatly increase the number of places that would be in your budget.

    I got married at the Tides and with a 150 guests you would need to use the upstairs room and at that your minimum would be higher than that.  And for a Friday in 2009 we paid around $90, and the prices were the same for Sunday before tax and tip, so I would assume the prices have increased in the last 2 years.     You can always try to negotiate with them though.  
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    I am getting married at Forest Lodge in Warren, NJ for $63 pp and that includes buffet dinner on a Saturday in April.  It is also open bar and we get a cake for free.  Here is the website
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  • K&J64K&J64 member
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    Try Costa Del Sol in Union.

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    The Graycliff on Moonachie and Grand Chelet in Wayne are more in your price range
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    I am kind of sort of in your same positions. Most of the places I have visited. The seasons is nice and within your budget, the tides is also nice. You may also want to try the bethwood in totowa (I think that is where it is). Me and my Fiance went to visit their last week and they were def in our budget but they do have a lot of rooms (some even on the same floor which worried me) and try to make cocktail hour in the same room as your reception. If you don't mind that then you should def check them out. Mr. Raineri showed us around and was really nice. I can't remember the exact pp but I know it was cheap and def under 20k.
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    You can also check out Berkley Plaza. They are extremely nice and in your budget. The Atrium is in your price range too and gives you heaps of food.
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  • gina1976gina1976 member
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    Try The Empire Club in Little Ferry
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    Colonial Inn in Norwood
    Landmark in East Rutherford
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