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New Jersey

need to vent - marriage license

Went to apply for our marriage license this morning. We had THE NASTIEST town clerk help us. She was snapping at my FI, snapped and me and even yipped at my poor dad - who was there as our witness. We went in all smiley and came out shell shocked asking what the *&^%. Why do some people feel they can be so nasty to others -- especially on what seemed like something so fun and upbeat. Not what we expected at all.

Re: need to vent - marriage license

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    I had the same type of experience- sorry to say even in another town when I went to pick up my marriage certificate I was treated like dirt as well. They really need to take the stick out of the butts

  • viviannacviviannac member
    edited December 2011
    Wow, sorry to hear it.  When we went, I was reprimanded for filling out the form ahead of time, go figure I thought they would appreciate that.  Its not like I filled it out wrong or had the witness sign ahead of time.  But FI started making jokes and eventually broke the ice. 
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    What county was this in?  I luckily work in the town I now reside in.  Our clerk is wonderful!  She told me whenever we want to do it I can walk across the hall with DF and my mother and we can get it done. 

    Sorry you had a bad experience...some people are just nasty and don't get that their attitude isn't necessary.
    10/10/10- Ten years in the making!
  • Reilly626Reilly626 member
    edited December 2011
    Ditto! And they wouldnt release mine because I didnt "call" at 9 am- we needed it the day of our rehearsal... it ended up being our wedding day..
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    Did you have everything you needed? I had everything lined up perfectly & they were really nice to me. However I am in a smaller town & the office wasn't crowded, etc. Picking up the license was a PITA because they said they never got it & FI left only to come back the next day because they "misfiled it"...
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