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Hey Everyone,

I was wonderign if anyone has had or been to a wedding at Flanders Valley Inn. What were your thoughts?

I'm going to a bridal show there on the 31st and was really considering it as a venue (especially after they told me their prices start at $70 per person!). Any opionions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Flanders Valley Inn

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    I went there for a wedding last year and I wasn't impressed.  The food was not that good, and I am not a picky eater at all.   The cocktail hour had such a small selection, in fact I was suprised at how little food there was.    The cocktail hour room was downstairs and it is not handicapped accessible so if you have older people that have trouble with stairs, etc..they have to go out the back and all the way around the building to get to the reception area, it was not a good situation.   Personally, I think you can get more for your money at a different venue.
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    I have not been there for a wedding, but heard the food was not good at all when I considered it as a reception venue.
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    I am actually getting married there and I know someone that had a wedding there in October. She said everything was fantastic and that the venue was quite accommodating with her requests. She said the food was good as well. I am not sure she would tell me different though since my wedding is there this summer. I did some research before I booked and heard nothing but good things about the venue. I am going to a tasting there at the end of the month so I can let you know then.

    EDIT: Also, we have a huge selection that we can choose from for the cocktail hour and stations so it surprises me that there were issues of not having a big selection of food.
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    I am getting married there in September.  I have had 2 tastings there already.  Once during a tasting party and once during an actual wedding that was going on.  While the ceremony was being performed, my FI and I had the food they chose for their reception.  I LOVED it!  The food was delicious and the amount of food we chose for our cocktail hour is absurd.  We had sooooo many choices and loved that.  The only thing we didn't try was the cake, but we are getting ours offsite anyway.  I fell in love with the place all 3 times I went there.  Twice for the food and once to look around.  I can't wait until  September,  I, too, have never heard any negative anything about the place.  Anthony is great and very good with working with what you want, too!  Good place and I would recommend it to anyone!
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    These reviews really confuse me.  I'd love to hear reviews on a few weddings told by both the Bride/Groom AND a Guest!  haha
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