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We're doing wedding bubbles instead of rice and I was trying to think of a cute saying to put on the bubbles besides "We Tied The Knot".  Any ideas?

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  • Thank you SO SO much I LOVE these :)

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    I have been collecting these for quite some time, so I appologize if one of them is yours....but here is my bubble list:      "Love is in the Air"; "As we walk down the aisle As husband and wife Please blow these bubbles As we begin our new life!"      "Use me to blow wishes       as the bride & groom go away,       Keep me as a token       of this fun and special day!"      "Rice may be tradition       but bubbles are more fun,       To wish the newly weds well       as their new life has just begun!"       "Why not shower the bride & groom       with bubbles that fill the air,       As long as they aren't detergent ones,       They will not really care!"        "'To fill the air with an aura of romance         Please blow these bubbles while we have our first dance.         Be a part of our first dance in a special way         Please blow these bubbles while our favorite song plays."        "Blow bubbles of good wishes        for the New Mr. and Mrs."         "Blown away          on our Joyous Day! '          "Since rice and seeds are not allowed,           Please blow bubbles into the crowd!" "Our love will grow with each bubble you blow".   To fill the air with a little romance -   Please blow these bubbles while we have our first dance.   Love is in the Air Share with us the joy & happiness we feel on this magical day of new beginnings as a symbol of our love & commitment , fill the air with these tiny bubbles.    
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  • My sign says: Fill the air with your good wishes by blowing bubbles for the new Mr. & Mrs.
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