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Excalibur weddings?

I dont here anyone talking about getting married at Excalibur any thoughts?

Re: Excalibur weddings?

  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    My MOH had her wedding at Excalibur.  I guess the only major snag was that they'd overbooked the chapel, so they felt really rushed.  Other than that I didn't hear any complaints, I can ask her more about it.
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  • mloeksmloeks member
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    I am getting married at the Excalibur.Friends of mine have known people who had weddings at the Excalibur or been to the chapel and tell me it is beautiful.My experience though...if you want a "personal" highly detailed wedding coordinator service like other brides say  they have experienced, you don't want the Excalibur. I would say you are treated like just one of however many weddings they book...No bones about it.Things we have not liked: 1. limited music. You are not allowed your own music, you choose from a list. 2. the bouquets in packages are limited to specific bouquets (i can send you pictures). And when I went to upgrade my flowers, the wedding chapel manager wouldn't even tell me what kind of allowance I was working with. She just told me it would be $150 more.3. All wedding arrangements have been because I initiated contact. We are less than 90 days from our wedding and I have yet to hear from a coordinator about music, if there is anything else we would like, etc.Don't get me wrong...I've initiated a lot of back and forth in e-mails about things such as flowers, etc., via the wedding chapel manager via e-mail. I requested a copy of the contract before we would sign and she very gladly send it to me. Most of my conversations with The Excalibur have been via e-mail, which is fine with me, but may not be fine with some.I can tell you day of experience or more when my wedding gets here in 2 months. :)
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    oh sure im curious to seevanessa _ 22 _ reed at yahoo dot comthanks!
  • mloeksmloeks member
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