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Nevada-Las Vegas

Venetian Gondola Wedding

I am getting married on the indoor gondola at the Venetian.  For some reason my wedding coordinator can't give me any informaiton on where my guests can stand to get a good view of us passing by.

Our guests won't be able to hear anything, so I want to offer them the option to be able to see.  All she can say is that they should meet me 30 minutes early in St. Marks Square so she can tell them where to go.  I am about to tell her where to go!

So anyway, after much arm twisting I was able to get the location of the dock, but would like to offer some more options.  Has anyone seen or been a part of this and have any good options of where along the canal might offer a good view?



Re: Venetian Gondola Wedding

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    This is so special!
    I don't remember exactly how the canal is structured but I guess standing on the bridges gives a pretty good view; there are two right in St Mark's square and others placed along the canal. 
    This might be helpful:   Canal Map (clicky)
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    Thanks for the reply, I was thinking the bridge would be a good spot too.  I finally got an answer out of my coordinator.  I am not sure if she just didn't get what I was asking or what?  I got really specific, like is there a place along the canal in front of a specific store that might offer a good place to view?  LOL, I don't know maybe I am just getting cranky cause it is gettins so close?

    Anyway, thought I would post the instructions I was finally able to pull together in case anyone else ever gets married this way.  I am having a hard time finding posters on it.  :o(


    The Gondola ride is located on the 2nd level of the hotel, also known as the Grand Canal Shoppes. Walk through the casino following the signs for Restaurant Row. Turn right at the V-Bar. Take the escalator located directly between the Blue Man Group Theater and the Venetian Showroom up to the 2nd level. The escalator will bring you into St. Mark’s Square.  Meet us at the Gondola dock or you can also get good views at the other end of the canal is the best place to see us, that would be by Banana Republic and the Taqueria Canonita Restaurant. The dock area is quite large and there is a bridge by where you get on the gondola by Barney's, so there will be plenty of room for everyone. 
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