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Aisle runner for outdoor wedding

My wedding ceremony will be outside in a garden, and I have a dress with a really long train, but I don't want to get grass stains all over it when I walk down the aisle. I know that aisle runners can be very hazardous, but I refuse to ruin my nice gown--and didn't want to choose something else and sacrifice the gown that really wanted. We're also not wearing wedge heels (I think they're ugly), and I'm worried about heel punctures and tripping.

I read other ideas of brides using plywood and stapling the runner to it--this sounds like a great idea, but may be a bit pricey (I'm not sure how much it costs).  I was wondering if just purchasing stakes and tying the runner down every foot or so would work too. Does anyone have any ideas on what type of aisle runner to purchase for an outdoor wedding, or how to keep the runner flat and hazardous-free?

Re: Aisle runner for outdoor wedding

  • Plywood is like a minimum of $15 a sheet, and you would need several for an "aisle".  I think that is absolutely ridiculous!!!  The dress will probably not get stained unless it is horribly heavy.  And are you wearing it again if it does?  I think you should rethink the outdoor wedding if you are that concerned
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  • It's pretty unlikely that you'll get grass stains just from walking down the aisle.  It's not like you'll be forcibly rubbing the fabric against the grass.

    Tying the runner down is a good idea, or you can place nice rocks all along the sides of it to hold it down.  Personally, I wouldn't use a runner on grass, but if your mind is made up then yes, pretty rocks would do the trick.

    As far as your shoes, be sure to get a fabric runner not a plastic one.  That should help prevent heels going through.
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  • If you don't want grass stains on the dress, how are you going to walk over the grass to get to the aisle runner to begin with?  Will pictures afterwards also be in the grass?  An aisle runner may help you for a few minutes, but there may be many other times that the grass may come in contact with the dress.

    If that is so, then you may need to just relax and go with it.  Outside walkways are also dirty and I've seen them put gray marks on the hems of gowns as well.  My good friend's train was discolored after a simple one minute walk from an inside ballroom to the outside alter.  I noticed because I thought she'd be horrified.  She smiled, said "oh well!", had us bustle it up, and went about her reception :)

    Of the ideas you have, I think stakes may work the best to keep the aisle runner on the ground.  In the wind, they do get rather unruly...

    Good luck!

  • My DD had an outdoor ceremony with lots of outdoor pictures.  There wasn't any stain on her dress.

    As for the shoes.....your gown is floor length.  Who exactly is going to see your shoes?  Wear the wedge style for the ceremony where I promise no one will see the shoes, and then change into the same height heels for the reception if you think people will care that much about what's on your feet.  (They won't.)
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  • I'm not a big fan of aisle runners, but you might look into renting a carpet aisle runner.  Then you could literally "roll out the red carpet" (or whatever color you want).  It would be much thicker and heavier than they typical wedding aisle runners.
  • Hey Guys...thanks for the ideas. My gown has already been hemmed to the 3 inch heels that I'm purchasing, so I'm kind of worried about finding another shoe w/ the exact same heel height. Buying the wedges just for the walk down is a great idea. I may look into that--although I'm cutting it close to the wedding day.

    As far as my walk; there will be concrete, so someone will be holding up my train until I get to the back of the aisle, of course. I'm only concerned about the train rubbing along the grass. It is a very thin, light train--so it isn't heavy at all. It may be only a good 30 or 40 feet that I'll have to walk until I get to the platform. Do you think it'll get stained?

    For the pictures, I don't mind the train being directly in the grass, since I won't be dragging it along. For the reception, it will be bustled.
  • I would almost guarantee that your dress would not get stained just walking the 40 some feet the the alter. If you think about it clothes don't stain THAT easily from the grass. You have to slid with some pressure in order to leave a mark. So I think you should be just fine without one. And worse come to worse no body besides you will notice if you have a tiny mark on the underside of your dress.
    But if you like the look of an aisle runner I like the idea of laying nice rocks on the side to keep it in place.
    Good luck, I'm sure what ever you decide you will have a beautiful wedding


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  • Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. I had a cathedral length train and an outdoor ceremony, no runner. We also did two hours of pics before the ceremony -- all outside. When I took the train off before the reception (I had a detachable one so I didn't have to bustle), there were no stains.
  • I bought an aisle runner (see link below) for my outdoor wedding.  I am going to get the inexpensive small tent stakes from Wal-mart to hold it down and cover the stakes with silk flowers.  I bought silk daisies from the same website that I am going to use.

  • Check into renting a carpet aisle runner.  They come in white or ivory. 
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  • Im having an outdoor wedding also. We are not having an isle runner it really isnt practical. You will be fine but I agree with the other posts I would wear a wedge, doesn't have to be a huge wedge just not a stilleto. Im wearing a wedged heal that is only about an inch thick. I won't be sinking into the dirt that way and also your feet wont be killing you after the ceremony to wear you just take them off  for the reception.
  • I am having an outdoor ceremony also and I am thinking about wedge flipflops for the ceremony.  The pathway I will be walking on st gravel and I am clutsy so I am affraid to wear a regular heel.   I dont think anyone will see the wedge shoe either.  As for grass stains I agree I dont believe that you will get stains from the walk.   But a isle runner made out of fabric with stakes would work if you are concerned
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  • Hi Ladies - A friend of mine used these for her wedding for walking in the grass. It's a clear, rubber attachement for high heels so that you can easily walk in the grass without sinking in. I'm getting these for my Bridesmaids. http://www.thesolemates.com
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