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Hello,I am the Mother of the Bride and I am wearing a Black sleeveless long dress with a slit in the side , black strappy sandals, a silver chain necklace with cream pearls, amethyst (lavender) and purple crystals and lavender shades for my eyeshadow.  My question is... what color nail polish should I wear. A co-worker says that because I am the Mother of the Bride I shouldn't wear any at all or just a clear or cream. Don't I need a little more color than that? It just doesn't feel right not having any toe nail polish with the sandals. What do you think?

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    I think you can at least do purple/lavender on your toes! I rarely wear any polish on my fingernails, so that is up to you, but conservative clear/cream might be better for that.
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    Your co-worker is crazy.  3 time MOB here and my nails have had color each and every time - but then again, I regularly wear polish. Whatever you choose should be something that  you would be comfortable wearing any other time.  If you choose something "out there" you won't look like you.  I wouldn't look like me if I wasn't wearing polish! If you were attending your niece or nephew's wedding and were wearing sandals, what would you normally do with your toes?  You can seriously pick anything you like that you feel comfortable with.  Ask your coworker what the MOB's were wearing on their toes at the last 5 weddings she has attended.  No one will care.  Choose whatever you feel is attractive and goes with your outfit.  My toes have always had nice color at the girls weddings because I had open toed shoes on!
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