String ensemble for ceremony

FI and I are wanting to book a string duo or trio for our outdoor ceremony. We're getting in married in the Lansing area, and the knot's listing of musicians is rather limited. So far the cheapest we've found is $300 for a trio for an hour, which is a little steep in my opinion. Anyone know of cheaper area musicians, or even student musicians who would be willing to play a wedding?

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    It doesn't list pricing, but here is MSU's list of available musicians:

    I also have in my long list of vendor reviews I collected that Great Lakes Chamber Players in Mt. Pleasant was used by someone in the Lansing area, and they were happy with them.

    HTH! :)
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    When I booked at MSU's chapel they gave me two contacts.  I never contacted them so I don't know their pricing but if you e-mail me at [email protected] I'll give you the phone numbers.  I just don't feel comfortable putting it in a post.
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    @ Phil : Wonderful! I'll definitely email someone from the list and see what their rates are. Thanks so much.

    @ emarston1: If the other contact falls through, I'll hit you up for that contact info. Thanks!
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    My future step-son has a friend who graduated last year (?) and he has asked me if I'd like a string quartet at our wedding, but we already have music planned. The friend is apparently very good and really wanted to play for us. I can get info for you if you'd like.
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    @DaveNAngie- I would be interested in the information.  My DD would like a string trio or quartet for her wedding next summer.  My email is gailpete at comcast dot net.

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    My FI is a cellist in the Lansing area and puts together packages (duos, trios, quartets) based on how many people you want playing. He's very talented and has many, many years of training & does it on the side.

    His website: vicella.com
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    @ DavenAngie- I would love that information. You can PM me it if you want.
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