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So this saturday im getting married and i always loved the wedding reviews so i thought i'd do them prewedding then post wedding

Reception/ ceremony location- eagle Eye- A+++++
I have loved working with both carla and mellisa. They are both incrediably helpful with everything. If anyone is considering using this venue do. The chapel is so beautiful! Also, the cost is very reasonable for everything. Im so happy i picked them

Dj- Mark Falsetta A++++
He is kind of a friend of ours but he does a lot of weddings. He has been amazing with everything! So helpful and fun. My fiance wants to enter with the chicago bulls theme song so he came up with announcing us as players and coaches.. im so excited to see how it turns out

Tuxes- Mens Wearhouse D-
The reason i didnt give it an F is because I love the salesperson in the smaller store in the lansing mall. I think her name is Jennifer. She has been really helpful with all the mistakes that the big store created for us.. getting names wrong, not giving guys the discount, horrible customer service.. If you use them, go to the little store. Lets hope the sizes are good.. if not, ill go crazy, lol

Dress- Letts bridal -B
Love my dress. The day I went to try it on though my lady was sick or something and no one else offered to help me.. Kinda irritating. But other than that it was totally fine

Bridesmaid dresses- Davids bridal -A
So far no major problems.. Dresses are fine. Customer service was fine. No complaints.. Everything came in earlier then expected also so that was a bonus.

Flowers- Mary Bower- [so far] -A++
Mary has been very helpful and SUPER nice. She is very reasonably priced also. Lets hope the flowers are good :]

Cake- Naomi from Eagle eye- [So far] A+++
Naomi is totally gifted when it comes to cake baking. The samples were AMAZING! And her little drawing of our cake looked pretty good, lol. So lets hope the cake turns out good!

Decorating-Doves in flight - [so far] D-
Okay.. i intentionally saved decorating for last because i am extremely upset at the moment and she better have everything right. So when i met her she seemed pretty nice and everything and we picked everything out and she helped us coordinate. All was good. So just a couple days ago when everything was set up, timeling was done.. everything! She drops the  "well im not setting your hall up until twelve"... wtf! I was so mad. She then told me she had another place to do in the morning and there was no way she could be there any sooner.. well, i called her today and told her i didnt feel comfortable with it. Because its so cold out i want indoor pics and i wanted them in the hall.. with the decorations done by twelve thirty. Then she tells me that that doesnt make sense to take pictures at twelve thirty and she doesnt understand.. what the heck lady. Its my day. My timeline.. Not yours. If my reception would have been at like tweleve or something.. she would have been screwed. Its not my fault that she schedualed two in one day. I mean, if she would have asked me a long time ago when she wanted me to set up, i would have said nine.. but stupid me didnt think about it because im selfish and its all about me that day,lol. So i figured people did one a day. She still should have asked though. She asked when the reception was.. that was all. She assumed i wouldnt need her to set up until twelve, but she didnt ask. And it really upset me that she was putting this other wedding in front of mine by telling me she needed to set that one up first, which fine probably but still. I had a timeline and she was messing with it. Anyway, that is my rant. Hopefully she is done by twelve thirty if she is i will give her a better grade.. if not then I definately dont recommend her. Its just.. its my day and we're paying her to have the stuff set up when we want it set up.. not when she wants to set it up.

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    Post wedding vendor reviews

    Eagle eye- A+++++++++++++
    If anyone is considering using them DO IT! Theyre amazing. Everything was perfect!  They did so much extra stuff. I definately loved the lakepoint room. It was so beautiful and elegant.

    Mark Falsetta- A++++++++

    Everyone loved him! He is definately the best dj ever! He had everyone dancing and the sound quality was great. Absolutely perfect

    Menswearhouse- D-

    Everything was okay turning everything in so that was good. Still very dissapointed. Dont use them.. if you do, go to small store in mall. NOT the big one.

    Mary Bower- A

    She was definately the nicest person ever! We were just a little bummed because our flowers were starting to die.. We're not sure if it was the cold or if she got them too soon...probably because it was too cold. My bouquet was perfect. It was just the ladies bouquets... They got amaryliss so probably just weather.

    Naomi- A++++++++++++

    Her cake was outragously amazing. She even made my husband an ornament of foundant. I hate foundant and did not want it on the cake but he, for some weird reason, loved it and he was bummed so she promised to make it for him and she did. So cute. She was definately one of my favorites!

    Sharon- A

    I had to bump her up because she did come in and do everything when she said she would do it so i was happy and all that mattered was that it looked nice.

    Alterations- Silver needle- A++

    My dress looked fantastic! Place is pretty small but her work is really incredible. Its a little pricey but the dress was very important to me and i wanted it done right and she got it done. Everything was good.

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