My Wedding Vendor Reviews!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The English Inn in Eaton Rapids
Grade: A-
Review: The venue itself was BEAUTIFUL (A+) and so peaceful, the perfect location for an outdoor ceremony by the river.  Seems like all the locals love and rave about the food there, but I only thought the food at our reception was slightly above average.  The one downer about working with the Inn is dealing with their wedding coordinator, Amy.  She is one of the moodiest people I dealt with in planning for our wedding, and was not the least bit helpful until about 2 weeks before our actual wedding day.  I remember when putting down my credit card deposit to secure our wedding day, I asked her to send me a confirmation email, and she snapped at me "Look, (my name), I do this all the time, you're just going to have to trust me."  I was shocked and appalled that she would treat a client this way.  She doesn't seem to enjoy talking on the phone and when I sent her emails asking her questions, she would reply with one line responses.  Not the best attitude for a wedding coordinator.  However, about 2 weeks before our wedding when I had to place final requests, she became more helpful and pleasant to work with.  A bit too late though, as she should understand wedding planning is a months-long process.  Overall, she gave me strange vibes.  I would personally rate her a C+ - she is very knowledgeable but just has a weird attitude.  The Inn is a beautiful and perfect venue though, and speaks for itself.

Hair/make-up stylist: Angie Vette @ Capelli Oggi Salon
Grade: A+
Review: She dolled me up like a princess!!!!  Her make-up skills are AMAZING (she would rival any make-up artist in NYC) and her hair styling was beautiful.  I received sooo many compliments on my wedding day about how beautiful I looked, and I give Angie all the credit!  She was super friendly and nice, and I really enjoyed talking to her.  Great value for money as well.  I paid $100 for hair and make-up (not including tip) on my wedding day.

String trio: The Four Seasons
Grade: A-
Review: Great price (we hired them as a trio) and they played perfectly on our wedding day.  They also transitioned from song to song with perfect timing.  It's amazing how they knew exactly when to play what song, considering I had never met them in person before (although we sent each other numerous emails).  They also accompanied our soloist perfectly, even though they had only met him earlier that day.  My only criticism is the way they dressed on my wedding day.  Two of the three musicians wore BIRKENSTOCKS, which MANY of my guests noticed.  How very unprofessional to wear birkenstocks at a wedding.  I don't care that my wedding was in the daytime - get some nice covered black shoes!!!

Dove Release: Doves in Flight Decorating (Sharon Seager)
Grade: A
Review: The doves were beautiful and our dove release went off without a hitch!  No poop, no struggling - it was flawless.  Doves were a bit expensive, but lent a huge touch of elegance and uniqueness to our wedding.  I highly recommend it!

Photographer: Brett Maxwell
Grade: A+
Review: Brett Maxwell is a photography genius!!! I would HIGHLY recommend his services to future brides and grooms. His photos are exceptionally beautiful with great lighting and color. He has a talent for capturing real and raw emotion in his shots, and makes everyone look good too all at the same time. His turnaround time to post photos of our wedding day was very short, which was greatly appreciated by my friends and family. He was also very willing to work with my budget, which I greatly appreciated. I can't say enough good things about Brett - call him today!

Florist: Sebesta Design
Grade: A+
Review: Corinne is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and was always willing to provide advice from flowers to decor to overall wedding style. She was also very prompt with her responses, professional, and very friendly. Her flower designs are GORGEOUS and I couldn't stop gazing at my bridal bouquet, even after the wedding! She's also very creative and will work with any visions/themes you may have for your big day. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Table linens: Weddings by Nicole
Grade: A-
Review: My mother-in-law handled most of the discussions with Nicole, so I can't really give a fair opinion.  I did very much enjoy her linens and swagwork.  It was difficult to get ahold of her in the weeks preceding my wedding though.  I understand she was busy with a ton of other weddings, but it was impossible to reach her on her cell/office lines.

Wedding cake: A Piece O Cake
Grade: A-
Review: The cake was really pretty and delicious!  I kind of wish Kelly could have sent me a colored drawing or preliminary sketch of what the cake would look like, though.  There isn't any intermediary step between meeting her for a consultation and telling her what I'd like to see on the cake, and then actually seeing the cake in person at our wedding day.  I'd suggest that going forward, she could send a sketch of the cake a few weeks before a bride's wedding day, so the bride can make any alterations in color/design.  I would have liked to have that opportunity.

DJ: Tunes by T
Grade: B
Review: I really enjoyed working with T. He was very nice and reassuring, and also gave me a great rate on a DJ.

However, I had no idea that the DJ we were getting was fresh on the job and rather inexperienced. (Maybe that's why T was able to give me such a good rate?) All in all, the DJ was a very nice guy. However, he butchered my family members' names when making announcements, which is unacceptable and could have been prevented with some advanced preparation and attention to detail. I had also told T that I'd like for our DJ to lead group dances, but our actual DJ was too passive and didn't do so. DJ also did not read the audience very well - he played songs that were clearly not a hit with my friends, and instead of switching to another more upbeat song, he waited for the song to play until it was over.

I would recommend Tunes by T because of the great value for money, but I would make sure to get a good idea of who the actual DJ will be on your wedding day. (Chances are it won't be T himself, unless you're willing to pay more.)

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