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I have asked this before but I can't find the post. Does anone know a place in Michigan where I could rent winter wedding coat or faux fur wrap or is there anyone out there with one I can buy or borrow? I will pay. I'm going to try to post the picture of the coat that I love, but AI can't find for sale anywhere. Any help would be so awsome!

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    Hi!  My wedding was just a little over two weeks ago in East Lansing.  Here's what I did to stay warm:  I got a beautiful faux fur wrap from the Wedding Bell in Okemos to wear if I got cold during the ceremony or reception (which I didn't because of the adrenaline).  So, I basically didn't need the wrap at all that day, but it looked good the few times I wore it.  For outdoors, my husband bought me a coat from J. Crew.  It is similar to the one in your picture, but ivory because my dress was ivory. Because of the clean lines and slender silhouette, the coat did not interfere at all with the lines and details of my wedding dress.  Once I get pictures of how it looked with the dress, I'll update this thread.  If you go on jcrew.com, it is the double-cloth lady day coat in the color, sea salt.  Another place to check is White House/Black Market.  Hope this gives some ideas!
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    Thank you so much! I will check them out! It helps a ton!
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