I know that Petal and Forrest, Twiggie's and Sebasta are three big florists around Lansing.  Sebasta will be gone before my October 2011 wedding and I was not impressed with the lack of response from Twiggie's.  Any idea on price of Petal and Forrest?? 

Are there any other florists that anyone can recommend??  Like how about Smith's or Alway's Bloomin?  We're on kind of a tight budget (need to keep flowers under $1000, and even less if possible!!), but I still want quality and personal service.

Any opinions would be great!


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    I too was not impressed in the least bit by Twiggies. She actually sent me an inspiration board that was peach and told me she hoped my colors weren't peach because that is an ugly color. They are not my colors, but I was appauled that she would even say that not knowing my colors!

    I decided on Petal and Forrest after just one meeting with Dawn! She was great! She sent me a quote in the time frame that she promised and the cost is MUCH lower than I anticipated. She listened to me and I feel that she is going to make my wedding about me and my fiance and our vision instead of hers and what she wants (which I found with a lot of florists). She also is very creative as to how to re-use flowers and arrangements at both the ceremony and at the reception which I loved because it was saving us money!

    I would highly recommened Petal and Forrest and hope this helps!
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    I actually just met with Petal and Forrest and Twiggies last week.  I was very impressed by P&F and not at all by Twiggies. 

    Dawn at P&F e-mailed to confirm my appointment and had my information all ready when I got there.  Had photos of her work in albums, the store was clean and put together.

    Beth was not very put together at all.  She seemed very scatter brained (ie couldn't find any of her own business cards to give me after the meeting) and didn't have any of my information written down.  Her photos she had were loose and not in any specific order at all.

    I am still waiting on quotes from both of them but at least Dawn e-mailed to say she's really busy and hasn't had a chance to work on the quote.  Beth said she'd have my quote in a couple days and I haven't heard a word.  I have a feeling Dawn is going to be more but I think she will defintely be worth it.

    I'm sure Beth would do a perfectly fine job but I have more confidence in Dawn and that is worth the difference in $$ to me.
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    emarston1: I actually took my quote from Dawn at P&F took all of the prices off and gave it to Beth at Twiggies to be sure that I was comparing apples to appels when it came to the quote. Beth's quote was almost $2,000.00 more than Dawns. She then proceeded to tell me that what was on the quote was NOT what I wanted and that she would need to re-work it and make a new one - that was almost 6 months ago and I have not received anything "new" of what she THINKS I want. I did sign with Dawn and she has been a pleasure to work with thus far and is great at responding to emails and answering questions!

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks ladies!  I will definitely make an appointment with P&F.  Sounds like Dawn would be great to work with.  Stil open to other suggestions though, keep posting please!!  Thanks!
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