Big check! And a sigh of relief!

We have finally decieded on a reception site and booked it today! I feel so relieved I had to share the news!

We found this fantastic B&B called House in Woods in DeWitt that does outdoor weddings. For an outdoor wedding, you can't beat the price. And they are so flexible. I'm excited!

Anyways, carry on with your day Smile

Re: Big check! And a sigh of relief!

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    Hi date twin! Congrats on booking your venue! You seem to have alot done already! I'm hoping to get alot done over the holidays since I have time off.

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    Thanks! It's so relieving, I felt like we'd never come to an agreement.

    The 26th is a trend in my family I guess. My grandparents actually have their anniversary on the June 26 and I have 2 other family members with 26th anniversaries in July and August. Funny coincidence.

    We've had a pretty long engagement so I've been working on things for the past 2 years. I'm getting antsy now that we're only like 6 months out!
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       That sounds awesome! Do you know how many they can accomodate?
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    I know they've done weddings with over 300 people because they told me my 200 people would be easy. I don't know the exact maximum but they have a ton of space and are really flexible, so I'd imagine they'd try to make what you have work. If you're interested, I can email you some of the details and more pictures.
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    Congrats!  It's a great feeling to get things done. 
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