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Photography-- don't know what to do now...

So, we met w/ my uncle yesterday to discuss him doing the photography.  Now, I'm a little worried bc the prices are a little higher than I expected and not even really getting what we need. And we don't get rights to the pictures... I don't know what to do.

Re: Photography-- don't know what to do now...

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    My suggestion is to find someone who can give you what you need at a price you can afford. And then let your uncle know that you wish it would have worked out, but you are going to go with XYZ Photographer because they have a package that fits your needs and is closer to what you were looking to pay. It won't be easy of course, but I think in the long run it will be better for your relationship with your uncle than if you paid him too much and were unhappy with what you got for it.  Also, maybe he will re-think his price, but he may not be willing to compromise on the rights to printing...and that is pretty important to most brides these days. Good luck!!
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    I agree with PP. You dont want to hold that against him later on. Either find someone else and tell your uncle or tell him up front what you'd like and see if that helps. BUT, if you aren't getting what you need anyway, I think finding another photographer woud be your best best. Also, thanks for the Eagle Creek email!
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    You Uncle isn't giving you the rights?  That is crazy IMHO. We chose not to work with any vendors we had a prior relationship with because it can be really hard for you to teach them like a vendor and hold them accountable. I agree with what people said, just let him know you found someone else and think you will be more comfortable with him as a guest celebrating with you.
  • Married678Married678 member
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    Agree with Chrissy! I'd recommend finding a photographer else where! Maybe we can help you..what is your price range?
  • Luvngrl247Luvngrl247 member
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    I emailed him today w/ specific questions I had- esp the rights to the pics... at least for internet use! lol  I will keep ya informed! Thanks everyone!
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    Luvngrl - Check out my photographer - she's awesome and great prices. You can get rights to the pictures too for a small charge.http://www.aliciabeckman.com/Tell her I sent you!
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