Venue: southern Maine not overly expensive?

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I am from Connecticut but would like to have my wedding in Maine, more specifically the Wells/York/Ogunquit area. I am going up in two weeks to check some venues out but I wanted to get a general idea of places to visit, not overly expensive. Any suggestions?

Re: Venue: southern Maine not overly expensive?

  • what type of setting are you looking for???
  • How many guests are you planning on inviting and what is your budget? Stage Neck Inn in York has some great all inclusive packages if you have a small-ish group, but I would not recommend it if you have over 75-100 people.
  • Village by the Sea, in Wells.  They have packages on their website which are fairly reasonable.  We visited here when looking for a venue, but decided on another place.
  • Thank you for your suggestions, I actually always drive by the Village by the Sea (I have a vacation house in Wells) so I looked them up and you're right the packages are fairly reasonable just the outside reminds me of a condominium complex and not somewhere to hold a special event- although the website pictures of the inside do look nice. So to answer your question's I was thinking a venue where it could hold up to 100 guests and enough room for a dance floor/DJ area. I guess its hard to describe because everyone wants to get married somewhere "nice" but somewhere fit for a wedding/maybe quaint-but inviting and would ideally be around $8,000.   
  • have you looked into the Coastal House in Wells?
  • Check out York Golf and Tennis Country club, There "river room" is stunning and have just been upgraded over the past winter, recently stopped by for a visit and i LOVE there new gas fire place's on in the ballroom and near the bar.  It has old world charm mixed with formal appearence and updated interior and is right on the water.  Holds up to 200 if i remember correctly and i think is well below your budget, i believe they have some info on their website, but call and check it out. Its stunning!! Message me if you want any other info as i was just there this weekend! I have the contact info if you would like it!   
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  • Thank you very much everyone, a lot to think about!
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