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I too need opinions!

My invite. I am making it myself and it seems off to me. Help!

The time is wrong in this one but I am also not sure what time to put. I am thinking 300 or 330. Also how does the text look? Keep in mind I am also going to have another insert that says directions and more information. But what do you guys thing? I have ask my mom and my MOH but they are sweet and wont tell me things that they dont like because they are afraid that it will hurt my feelings.
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Re: I too need opinions!

  • jq104jq104 member
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    I think you have a great start!  I would change up the fonts a little so that certain words or phrases stand out more...maybe some cursive for "are getting married".  Also, I really like your use of purple (my favorite color!) Here's a link to a cute one on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/95402647/whimsical-vintage-wedding-invitation?ref=sr_gallery_6&sref=&ga_ref=auto&ga_search_query=wedding+invitations&ga_order=most_relevant&ga_ship_to=US&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade

  • I like it a lot except the "general awesomeness" line... I think it sounds a little young for something like a wedding invite! Good job though :) 

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    I Love it Nikki!
  • I like how you tried to mix traditional wording/format with a casual feel. 

    Usually, the bride's name is listed first on invitations.

    The only part that I'm having a hard time with is the date part.  I have no idea how to change it, but my mathematical brain can't get past "twenty second".  Other than writing the number instead of it in words, I have no suggestions, it just looks off.

    Also - the proper way to write 2012 is two thousand twelve.  I know a lot of invitations have the "and" in there, but again, as a math teacher, the "and" drives me crazy since it technically indicates a decimal point in a number.

    The format and everything else is really really cool!  If I got your invitation in the mail, I would probably save it.  I usually throw them out after the wedding, but yours is unique and really creative!
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  • Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to revise it today and then I will post the new version. Also I got two of the vista print things ($10 for $50 to spend) and I am honestly not sure how to make it work. What size do I use?
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    That is the updated version
     The reason for the general awesomeness is because I wanted it to be something funny and cute. But my fiance is not sure about how much he likes that line either. Does anyone have another suggestion to out there for what i could put there other than reception to follow?
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  • LVUsLVUs member
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    I would change your names to the scroll font and use the serif type for the "are getting married", I would also put that in capitals. You can space lettering, which is often done on invitations and it makes a huge difference. Are you using photoshop? I would also bring your names closer to the ampersand. You want a nice margin even all the way around, negative space is a good thing: I would also put the bottom ampersand on its own line and move the bottom to lines closer together with maybe a smaller font. Maybe use the scroll font for Saturday instead of September. The reason I ask if you are using photoshop or not is it is much easier to move text around with, at least for me. Hope this helps:
  • Wow thanks! I will make a few of those changes and post a new one. I am actually using Microsoft Word. I am tempted to download a trail version of it just ot try and work it better on that but I am familar with the older verisons of it and I am afraid that it would take me too long ot learn the new one that by the time i went to go work on the invite i would loose the trial version haha.

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