Hi Ladies! Budget Wedding :/

My name is Shay. Valentines will make two years that I've been engaged. I still don't have a date! We wanted to graduate first so... That's what we did. Got my BBA in accounting from Jackson state. My fiance has landed his job and its time to get things moving but the problem is that I'm on such a strict budget. Im talking maybe 3 to 4000. Is it possible? I know I want to marry between Feb and Apr 2014 and I need a venue in or around Jackson. I need a beautiful dress and cake. I can make some compromises on everything else. But do you guys think its possible?

Re: Hi Ladies! Budget Wedding :/

  • I don't know if you'll check this, but, I have a few things I could recommend. I might try going down to Brookhaven to Imaginations Bridal, I didn't end up getting my dress there, but they have a huge selection and they're so nice. I did end up getting my dress at The Bridal Path, they're really nice, and if you "like" them on Facebook you'll get advance notice of their sales. They also have a rack of samples that they sell for a discount. The David's Bridal up on County Line was also nice, and the dresses didn't feel cheap.

    I'm not totally sure as far as cakes go, but I did meet with Aven at Broadstreet Bakery, and they do wonderful work and he's very good at working out a menu within a budget. The cakes in the bakery are beautiful. I might also try Campbell's, or, if you're getting married after the new Whole Foods opens in Highland Villiage, maybe try there, their cakes are delicious.

    If you're looking to cut costs, I might have a daytime wedding, you can get away with doing appetizer style. It's also easier to not have alcohol. If you're going to do alcohol, I can recommend working with Robert at Katz's on Fortification, you also get all of your wineglasses free with your order.

    As far as venues, are you looking to get everything done in the same place or do you already have a church/ceremony space? I highly highly recommend checking out The Cedars on Old canton, across from St. Andrew's Elementary. The woman in charge there, Kay, is a dream to work with. You get the space for the whole weekend, so you can do the rehearsal there as well. It's so beautiful, plus you can bring in everything on your own, which saved us a lot.
  • Hi! Ugh I thought I would get an email if someone replied lol. But thanks for your reply. I will definitely check into all of that! I am from Brookhaven so I have no idea why Imaginations didn't cross my mind! I got my prom dress from there!! I'm about to like the bridal path on Facebook right now, and I'm debating on alcohol. I guess it depends on how much I spend on everything else. Finding a venue is difficult because you have to have a certain number of guests to get some places on weekends. I will probably have between 75 and 100 guests if that many! I was looking into the country club in Byram and Mynelle Gardens but I just can't imagine how a wedding would work there. It would help if they had pictures or examples to show to give some kind of vision... You know?! I will check with The Cedars though the fact that they allow you to bring your own stuff is appealing on its own. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions!
  • Also do you have a coordinator for your wedding. Sometimes that will help cut alot of your cost down. IF you  need any ideas or help you can email me" [email protected]

  • I definitely suggest The Cedars. That is where we had our reception and it was fabulous. Check out Cosmopolitan Catering by Macy in Fondren. She will work with your budget and has fantastic food. I can't recommend her enough. Plus, she's right down the road from The Cedars, so if you forget something, she's right down the road from her shop to get things. On the plus side, we bought our wine from Fondren Cellars and they delivered it to Macy, she iced it and delivered it for us. We had her do both our rehearsal dinner and reception, which was wonderful. 
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