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First Purchases!


I was pleasantly surprised by a VM during my lunch hour that my JCP.com order had arrived and I could pick it up at our local store.  Included was the BM dress I had purchased for FSD.  I got it for a steal of a price of $9.99.  I got it big enough that she should be able to grow into it, but won't be swimming and still small enough that we should be able to take it in if she doesn't fill it out.

So then I headed to JoAnn to get some black & teal satin ribbon to match.

After that, I figured I'd head to Dollar Tree to see if they had their spring florals in yet.  I'm doing DIY flowers from Sam's Club, but want to make mock-ups of everything using cheapie silk flowers so I can get proper practice.  I was able to pick up everything but large pink oriental lilies (not in stock yet) and standard carnations (not enough in stock, they had a ton of the minis, but only 1-2 packages of the standard size.)

Looks like I can start working on mock-ups of BM bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages this weekend!  
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Re: First Purchases!

  • Update:

    Hand-tied bouquet came together nicely after a few tries.

    I'm having problems with the corsages/bouttenieres though.  Their small stature makes it hard to ignore their dollar store qualities while trying to judge them.  I might make a trip back to DT for some more "filler" type silk florals to see if that helps at all.  And some wire.  Totally forgot the wire.
    Formerly known as flutterbride2b
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