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dont know which cake to have

wedding cake #1


  Wedding cake #2

Please Help me!!!!!!

Thank You

Re: dont know which cake to have

  • #1! it's beautiful, and so detailed! also, I feel like the colors on the second cake and the design make it look like a birthday cake for a little girl, not a wedding. i'm assuming your wedding has a beach theme?
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  • I prefer the first.  I agree that the waves on #2 give it a birthday cake feel to it.
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  • Agreed with the other ladies. #1 is very elaborate and fun! 

    I don't know if this will help you, but think about the colors of the frosting. I was at one where they had grey frosting on cupcakes. It was actually beautiful, but oh my goodness everyone's teeth became an ugly grey for a while. This first cake doesn't look too colorful, so you should be good, but I do see some bright green. I don't think you want green teeth in your cake cutting photos!
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  • yes my wedding does have a beach theme.  I was thinking about the first one too.  And I think it follows the theme better.  Thank You for responding. 
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