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Hi ladies! I found a WONDERFUL reception venue that I am absolutely in love with, the problem is we cannot afford to have a Saturday wedding there. On Saturdays you have to spend a minimum of $10K on food and drink alone, and with our $15K budget and small guest list there is no way we could swing that. However, they have a Friday package for $50 a guest for all food, drink, linens, and the location rental; which makes my dream location affordable for our budget. The only problem is, I struggle with having a Friday wedding. What are your thoughts? Have you been to a Friday wedding? Is it as big of an inconvenice to our guests as I think it might be? If it  helps to know, our wedding would be 7/12/13 so we're avoiding interrupting potential holiday vaction plans.

Thanks ladies!

Re: Friday Wedding

  • I've been to Friday weddings and didn't think anything of it.  It was the bride's mother's birthday and the fact that it was less expensive was just a bonus.

    Give the people you *know* you want to be there pleanty of notice and it shouldn't be a problem. I'd probably schedule later in the day rather than earlier to accomodate local people who can't/don't want to take off Friday from work.  
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  • Friday weddings aren't all bad or a large inconvience depending on your guest list. If you know that the majority of your guests are coming from out of town, then for a Friday wedding I would suggest getting STD's out super early so everyone has time to request time from work and make travel arrangements. If most people are local then a Friday wedding is not a problem. As PP said schedule later evening so it can accomodate the guest who would be working.
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  • I think a Friday wedding is a great idea. Admittedly this could be because I am doing one too :) For me, the no brainer is the cost. I'd rather spend the money on other things than spend it because of having the wedding on a Saturday and not a Friday. Also, as a lot of my guests are coming from out of town, we are going to hang out with everyone Saturday and then leave for the honeymoon on Sunday. I think Friday is a great idea. With enough advance notice people will be able to swing it.
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  • I am getting married 7/12/13 as well and all of our family knows it and they don't care. It saves so much money! I say go with it since it is your dream location!!

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  • Thanks ladies! We decided to go for it, but after talking to our parents and friends, are actually going to have it on 7/5/2013. We did a quick survey of family and VIP's and no one has long standing holiday plans that would be affected by having it that weekend. And, if we send of STD's early enough, we are hoping having it then will actually make travel for our guests easier that weekend. I'm so excited! 

  • Hi there,
      I set my date for a Friday Evening, we also cannot afford to have a Saturday Wedding and I am happy that I did. Both my cousins also had their weddings on Fridays, and they went great! It was also great to have the WHOLE weekend ahead! Just give your guests enough notice, :) 
  • If the cost is that big of a difference and you don't think your guests would mind then I'd say go for it!
    I know we decided to go with Saturday because FI has family and friends traveling a fair ways to come.  It is much more convenient for them to come for Saturday and it is so important for us that they be there.  Also, in our group of friends there have been several Friday weddings in the last year (there wasn't a large cost difference that I know of).  After chatting with many people the overall feeling seemed to be that the guests didn't prefer Fridays.  It might be because they were fairly short engagements (5ish months) but it was very inconvenient for people to get off work, travel etc.   No guests were really upset about it but they definitely prefered Saturday (or even Sunday because they already had work off) over a Friday wedding.  For me, as MOH it was also difficult because I had to take a full day and a half of classes off for the wedding.  (Once again, not complaining - just stating pros and cons)
    I would definitely put some feelers out in your group of friends to see what they general feeling is.  Good luck!!
  • We're having our wedding on 7/12/13 as well because I loved our venue but could not afford it on a Saturday.  All of my friends and family were all for it, saying it would give them an excuse to take off work.

    The only thing I am starting to think of is how to time the ceremony and reception.  They are both in the same location.  We can have our venue from 12 noon until 12 am (but music has to stop at 11:30 PM).  I do want music and dancing to last right up until 11:30 PM.

    Any ideas as far as what time to have the ceremony?  I don't want it to be too early so that if people do want to work for a bit before the ceremony, they can.
  • I'm looking at a 4:00 ceremony, but I'm getting married in a church and the reception is 20 mins away. You could probably have a 5:00 ceremony and have people in cocktail hour by 5:45. 

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