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Finally Nailed Down Invitations!!

With the wedding six month away, and a guest list of nearly 200 people, the pressure has been on to find, modify, and set the invitations in motion. My grandmother, who is an avid scrap-booker and stamper fanatic, has offered to do my invitations for me; all I have to do is fialize my guest list and get the addresses.
The invitations Ifor my Alice in Wonderland wedding were actually meant to be for an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. They are five-page invitations, which seems like alot, but here's how it will basically break down:
  • the first page is just a sheet of velum with our names on it and a picture of a mushroom
  • the second page is a little poem that I wrote and a picture of the cheshire cat-
'Tis love, 'tis love
That makes the world go round.
So come join us, my friends,
To a party where love is profound.
It's a Wonderland wedding
for all to revere.
Oh, you'll certainly have fun,'
We're all mad here!!
  • The third page is the actual formal invitation (with an original Lewis Carroll drawing of the "horse-fly")
  • The fourth page has a pictureof the Mad Hatter (from the original novel) and is the RSVP slip (it will be perforated so the guests can tear it off and send it back)
  • And the final page is a picture of the White Rabbit saying, "Follow me!" with a map and directions to the venue.
The whole thing is held together with little decorative brads; we found mushrooms and top hats and tea pots to use :)
This is a big project, but I think they will be really fun and very unique. Please comment!!


Re: Finally Nailed Down Invitations!!

  • Sounds wonderful!

    For the poem, I might change it to this, because the meter works better:

    'Tis love, 'tis love
    Makes the world go round.
    Join us for a party
    where love is profound.

    But it's up to you! The booklet invitations are up and coming as the "new pocketfold" sort of. I don't think they'll be as popular as pocketfolds, but I like them a lot. I might have used them had I found them a year ago!
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