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We don't want to get invites online- so who do we go see?

Alright girls, I'm hating the idea of spending tons of $$ on paper (invitations, response cards, reception cards, etc etc etc.) Even though I have the budget for it I just do see the sense in it. Wedding Paper Divas is OUTRAGEOUSLY overpriced in my mind and I just hate the idea all around ordering this stuff from online. Is there somewhere in Louisville where I can GO to see someone to help me put these things together at a REASONABLE price?! Help! Thanks!

Re: We don't want to get invites online- so who do we go see?

  • Why are you so against ordering online? Thousands of people order them online. You can preview them and order a proof of it before they send you the finalized copies so its really fail proof.

    You can check out your local party stores, they are sure to be able to design them for you, but some of those stores also send them out to be customized anyway.

    I ordered mine on and was 100% pleased.
  • You should be able to find them at any nice paper/stationary store. Costco also has tons of books of them. In most cases, though, the kind you order with the aid of a store will cost more than the ones you order online. I mean, someone has to pay their salaries. You could also make your own, though for me the extra time wasn't worth the small cost savings.
  • Any stationery store, print shop, etc. will have books you can order from.

    It's also not completely true that the ones ordered in the store are more expensive than online. Both vary from inexpensive to super expensive. It really depends on the vendor, the quality of paper, and the printing method. When I was looking I saw some nice ones that were pretty inexpenisve.

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