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RSVP card--shuttle transportation wording

I'd like to add a line in my rsvp cards to ask guests whether or not they'd like to utilize our shuttle for the day-of. It will help us get a better idea as to how many buses we will need (we're providing buses that will take guests from the hotel to the venue, and then back). The wording for this needs to be concise. I was thinking of something along the lines of adding a checkbox and then the words "Will require shuttle transportation". Does this sound OK? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Re: RSVP card--shuttle transportation wording

  • I think that'd be fine, but some people may change their plans between sending the card in and the day of the wedding, so be prepared for the number to change. 

    We had many guests use the hotel shuttle, and didn't ask them whether or not they'd need it on the cards - the hotel would ask the guests when they checked in if they'd be using transportation or not, and asked whether they needed a ride both ways, or maybe just a ride back to the hotel if they decide they're not able to drive. Then the hotel determined what size shuttles to use. It worked out really well. Is that something the hotel will be able to do?
  • I think it might not be necessary in the RSVP either if you have a shuttle booked thru a hotel. You will then know how many hotel rooms were booked and you can assume all those people  will need a shuttle. It's better to have a little "extra" room then not enough.

    Keep in mind, people might think they need it, but then get wasted so it's best for them to take it, as well.
  • AH no I'm actually renting charter buses for this, so when I say "shuttle" it is definitely not something provided by the hotel, rather myself. So the number really does matter in this case! I know I need a little bit of a buffer when making the reservation for stragglers that decide last minute to use it, but a good idea of how many people need it is something I want.

  • Are there going to be a lot of out of town guests? I'd imagine they'd be using the shuttle less than those local, unless some people opt to stay in the hotel for fun or something. 

    Maybe you could just call up those out of towners and ask if they want the shuttle? Or put that information on your wedding website?

    It wouldn't be the worst thing to avoid putting it on your RSVP, but I think if you could find an alternative that'd be ideal. 
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    Yes, there will be many out of town guests. Even if you were local, I'd imagine wanting to use the shuttle just to avoid drinking and driving after our reception (we're having a full bar), and the possibility of inclement weather because we're having it in the middle of winter in Massachusetts. I should also mention that our venue is also approximately 25 minutes away from the hotel (ugh), another reason we're providing buses. 

    I wanted to avoid calling up all of my guests individually because I'm assuming that a majority of people will use it. Do you think its a faux pas to include it on the rsvp cards to begin with? I have included the information on my website and could implement some form for them to say "yes" or "no", but many of my guests are also computer and internet illiterate so I worry about that. 

  • It's not poor form, but some people might not know that far out whether or not they want the shuttle anyway. A lot of my friends who were local stayed in the hotel that provided the shuttles so they didn't drink and drive, but a lot just called cabs or got rides with friends who hadn't been drinking. But I can imagine that some people might decide the day of that they do in fact want the shuttle even if they didn't mark it that way on the card. 

    You can go ahead and include it, just be careful about those numbers changing. 
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    This is the RSVP card I'm working with....any suggestions on where to put it? I'd like to use the same styling as the "accepts with pleasure" line to include a circle checkbox and then the text beside it. I was envisioning having this underneath the entree choices and bumping up the body text a bit...what do you think?

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    I think that would be good!
  • We used

    Please reserve ____ seat(s) on the shuttle.
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