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Rescheduled Wedding Invites

The original wedding date was postponed due to illness.  We are ready to notify guests of the new date.  Any ideas on how to word the invites?

Re: Rescheduled Wedding Invites

  • Personally, I would just word them as if nothing had happened. There's no reason to acknowledge you rescheduled...I assume your guests are already aware of that.
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  • We just weren't sure whether to reprint the original invites and send the actual invitation as we did previously or if we just need to send a small card notifying of the rescheduled date.  Nothing has changed as far as the venue, time, or guest list. 

  • I would reprint the original invites with the new date on them
  • Have you already sent invitations?  What was your response date for them?

    If you did reschedule, you should send out a new invitation indicating that it is a change from the previous one you sent.
  • Yes, we were originally scheduled to marry in February.  The invitations had already been sent and 3 weeks prior to the wedding I became extremely ill.  We sent postponement cards out at that time.  I am FINALLY starting to feel better so we are rescheduling.  Other than the cost factor, I'm assuming reprinting the original invites is the best way to go.  Atleast I will have one for the wedding book! :)
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