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Wording On Invitations


I was just wondering how would we word invitations letting people know kids are not invited to the ceremony or reception. But, we will have an area within the building set up for babysitting?

Also, we are giving our guests an option in food and would like to include it somewhere on the reply cards so when they reply they can tell us what they want so we know what to tell our caterers. How would we word that?


Re: Wording On Invitations

  • I had a seperate card printed stating that baby-sitting services would be provided at the hotel and if they would like to be included to please contact me so they could be added to the participation list. 

    I got a lot of positive response people saying that it was nice to pre-arrange the sitter for them. Some of my friends said they wouldn't have come otherwise because they have no one locally to watch their children.  I also have friends with little one's who will be able to take a moment to visit (breatfeed) during the reception since the hotel is right next door.
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