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Invitation Wording Etiquette

Hi Girls-

I'm sitting here working on my invites and wondering if you received one worded like this, would you think it was strange?

My parents invite you to wedding of
Me and FI
Son of his mom
and his dad

I realize typically the male is listed first, but FI would like his mom to have top billing.  He hasn't spoken to his dad in years, and he won't even be invited to the wedding, but thinks he should still be mentioned because members of that side of the family will be invited. 

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Re: Invitation Wording Etiquette

  • To keep mine simple, and since my parents are hosting the wedding, I'm not even mentioning FI's parents on the invitation.

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    together with their parents

    Then I didn't have to make decisions or hurt people's feeling since my FI's parents are divorced and his father is remarried.

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