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RSVP card wording - no kids

I am hoping for an adult-only reception.  We have a few friends who like to bring their somewhat out-of-control kids everywhere, even though their parents (the grandparents) would probably love to watch the grandkids for an evening.

That being said, I know it's rude to put "adults only" or similar on the RSVP cards.  So my fiance and I were thinking of wording it something like this:

___ I will attend (1 guest).
___ We will attend (2 guests).
___ I will not be able to attend.

What do you think?  Is that too much?  Should we just drop it in favor of "____ number attending" or similar?  (And yes, we're already planning on just putting the adults' names on the envelopes.  I just know that some people won't get the message, unfortunately.)

I also do have one cousin that I think might have issues with childcare (can't afford it, often struggles to find someone), and I though maybe of calling her directly and letting her know that it is okay if she brings her two kids.  I doubt that anyone would mind or care if she was the exception.

Re: RSVP card wording - no kids

  • I think you can leave a blank for the guest to fill in their names and then fill in the number attending something like this:

    M _______________________________

    No. _____ accepts

    No. _____ declines

    If you have the invitations addressed to the people invited (adults) they should have a clue that their children are not invited since the children's names are not listed.  In case they do try to accept on behalf of their children a brief phone call to let them know you're not inviting children, can help clear up the confusion.
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  • Just stick with "___ Number attending"
    Since you're already making sure to address the envelopes only to the parents, if they respond with a number indicating that they want to bring their kids, you'll just have to make a phone call and explain. 
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