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receptio card and address questions

Hey all!

In in the beginning stages of designing the invitations which I will be DIYing with FI and my aunt.  I have three questions...

1) If the reception is at my parents house (out in the country), what is the best way to word that?

2) Are you putting the reception information on the invitation or creating a separate card for that?  I'd like to save as much paper as possible but I don't want it to get too cramped.

3) Do you have to put the full address for your ceremony and reception sites?  Is it ok to just put the church name and city/state?  I figure for the reception site since it's on a private property that the full address would be necessary.  Thoughts?


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Re: receptio card and address questions

  • If the reception is at a different location than the ceremony, it should go on it's own card.

    You could do something like:
    Reception (or Please join us for a reception at)
    the Smith Residence
    123 Main Street
    Town, Indiana

    The full address of a public place isn't necessary on the ceremony card, just the church name, city , and state.  I would list the full address on your website and on your directions card if you have one.  You should use the full address on the reception card for a private residence.
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