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To keep short or grow out for wedding.

Currently I have a angled bob.  It's at the nap of my neck in the back and just past my chin in the front.  My hair is curly and does grow relatively fast.  I've also been growing out the color in my hair for over a year now.  I want to go back to my natural color.  It's completely gone from the back now, but I have about 3 1/2 inches left in the front.  I've just been growing and cutting off an inch or so.  I love my hair the way it is however I've always imagined myself with a pretty updo showing off my natural texture and color (maybe with some highlights and lowlights to complitment it.)  While I have almost two year before the actual wedding to get some length plus take off the rest of the color...  I'm debating about what I should do.  The shorter hair is more me and my hair is crazy heavy when it's long.  And while the updo will be nice, I will probably just cut it all of before the honey moon.  So to grow long and do the updo or keep short.  What do you think? 

Re: To keep short or grow out for wedding.

  • Can you just grow it to shoulder length and keep it healthy? You will be able to do an updo with that length, and actually have several options, and then just cut it after or do a ponytail for the honeymoon?
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  • What about clip in extensions? They dont have to blend that great with your short hair since youll be wearing it up, then just take them out the next day. Can have the best of both worlds.
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    I'm not sure why, if you love your hair as it is,you would grow it out just so you could have an updo for the wedding and then cut it off again. 
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