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How to pick the right stylist when you're across the country...

Hi friends!

I live in Chicago, but I am originally from the MD/DC area, and will be getting married this September in Frederick, MD. So, I am planning everything from afar. There is a good amount I can do other the phone and email, but I am a little confused with how I will pick my hair and makeup stylist. I am able to make occaisional trips back to MD for planning, but really only every couple months or so. So how do I choose the right stylist? 

Do I schedule a weekend to visit and meet with multiple stylists in a day? What would that consist of? Just them giving me ideas and samples of hair styles and/or makeup ideas? What I have trouble finding someone I like?

Has anyone else had to do this planning from afar?




Re: How to pick the right stylist when you're across the country...

  • I was looking for this exact post a couple weeks ago and couldn't find anything so I feel your pain!  

    I'm getting married on the opposite coast, where I grew up.  Here's what I did: I researched salons in the area where the wedding is and made a spreadsheet of prices and other info.  Then I read reviews (mostly Yelp) and checked for online portfolios (sometimes salons use their Facebook so check that).  Then I asked my future MIL if she knew of any of the places since she lives in the area.  She had nothing so I started making phone calls.  I talked to the bridal stylists at 5 different places and picked the one who I clicked with most over the phone.  She is mid-range price-wise and has fabulous online reviews.  She doesn't have a huge online portfolio but I'm okay with that.  I scheduled a trial for next time I'll be visiting (2 months before the wedding).  I'm super excited to work with her!

    I had major freakouts about this but then a friend of mine who lives here and is getting married soon told me did the same thing, basically picking a stylist blind.  She has someone who normally cuts her hair but she doesn't like how the woman styles it so she needed someone else who had more wedding experience.  So even if you're in the area I guess it can be tricky.  Good luck!
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