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Let's Talk Hair

Good afternoon Knotties,

So, I consider my face shape to be "oval" and in the past, the updos that I have had have only accentuated this shape and make me feel like I have a weird dome on my head.  

I'm hoping that some of you might have some good ideas for a style that keeps me looking more "round" or even just helps highlight my features...whatever they might be.  There are no bad ideas here...I need som serious help!

I've attached a photo (hate these sort of pictures...) but also worth noting:

- I have fine hair.  But a TON of it...getting highlights takes like 3 hours just to put in all of the foils.

- I'm considering going lighter or having my stylist put in some highlights to give some depth to my current color

Thanks again from this Chi-town Bride!

Re: Let's Talk Hair

  • First of all, I dont know where you would go that wouuld take 3 hours alone just for the foils, thats absurd. Im a hairdresser and the longest its ever taken me is 2 hours and thats with a cut and style start to finish! Id be checking into something else... I think something low and to the side would be cute with some pieces hanging around your face, or I would try half up and half down with some around your face... I think the higer you go the more you wont like it with your face shape.. Good Luck to you!
  • I am a hairstylist and I always do a trial run or runs on my brides. I do charge for this, but it allows us to take time and try out several different styles or ideas. You can get an idea of what will be your favorite shape to your hair. I also suggest having a camera on hand so that you can take a few photos and see what the different shapes look like in pics. Maybe you can run this by your stylist and see what they think.  

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